The Cool Ways In Which New Windows Make A Home Healthier

The windows in your house are essential for healthy living, and that’s why it’s important to keep them well maintained. If you see some warning signs in your windows – such as drafts even when the windows are closed, or difficulty in opening the windows – it might be time to replace them.

You may think that windows are only for aesthetic purposes, but you should look at the following benefits of windows in terms of living healthy inside the home.

  1. Right balance of outdoor air exposure

Whether you stay indoors for a short time or the entire day, breathing healthy air should be one of your concerns. Indoor quality is very important, not only to ensure better health but also to make you feel more comfortable. After all, who wants to stay in a hot and humid house?

The best way to welcome natural, healthy air is to open your windows and let the outside breeze into your house. Proper ventilation lowers the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful vapors inside the house.

You don’t have to open your windows for too long, because it might invite more dust into the home. In choosing a new window, make sure that you can open it conveniently, and close it completely without any gaps or minute entry points.

  1. Entry of healthy, natural light

We all need sunlight for our body’s natural metabolism, and so staying indoors for a long time may affect our health. This is the reason why a lot of windows are made of glass: this kind of material allows the entry of natural ambient light without letting dust and outside air come in.

  1. Energy-efficient regulation of indoor temperature

Although all glass windows can accommodate the entry of sunlight, an old set of windows might not be able to keep the indoor temperature stable. Old windows may have some gaps that allow the entry of cold winds during winter or extremely hot and humid air in the summer season. Remember that your body can only handle so much weather changes.

If you think your windows are already old, it’s probably time to consider replacing them with new windows. In choosing a new set of windows, Lifehacker recommends double-pane windows because they “have a sealed air space between the layers of glass to reduce heat loss.”

  1. Less noise pollution

Too much noise can affect our general health, specifically in terms of stress and quality of rest. Did you know that there are windows that reduce noise? You can buy soundproof windows and affix them on your house, in case you find the ambient noise outside too distracting.

  1. Minimal entry of moisture

A moisture-rich atmosphere can instantly heat up the place, which doesn’t sound good during summer. Worse, old windows with leaks and poor frame sealing may allow the entry of flowing water especially during a rainy day.

The biggest health impact of moisture entry through the windows is mold growth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “molds can cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or, in some cases, skin irritation.”

In short, if you see signs of water leaks or moisture entry through one of your windows, you need to replace them as soon as you can.

Windows are often overlooked in favor of other parts of the house when it comes to home improvement and interior design. Through these tips, you should be able to look at your windows in a whole new light.

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