The Dental Accessories You Need to Stock Up On…

Shopping for dental supplies is an arduous task in terms of both time and money. For making your next supplies shop more of a breeze, we have decided to note down the essentials you need to order to ensure you have all the accessories you need. Too often, I order all the main supplies, but the smaller accessories I often forget.

This is why we have asked to list what oral accessories that you need to buy to ensure you have all the accessories you need.

Dental Needles 100/Bx

Needles are one of the more important accessories to purchase. These particular needles are manufactured using high quality stainless steel, so there is no need to worry about the quality of the needles. There is also an aluminium insert too.

Patient safety is a key consideration when it comes to needles. This is why every needle sold has its own lot number. You will also notice that the needle size of each needle is marked on the casing of the needle for ease of identification. There is a color coding system in place, which allows the dentist to choose the correct type of needle without wasting time trying to search for the most suitable needle.

Alginate Substitute

This Alginate Substitute is excellent for taking impressions. I have tried it myself and this is a fantastic polyvinylsiloxane-based alternative. It has received a lot of good feedback from dentists who have used it. We found that the Alginate Substitute was able to provide excellent accuracy for taking moulds of patient’s mouths.

The setting time was just under 2 minutes, which is very fast. The total set time is fully completed within 3 minutes. For patient comfort, there is a pleasant mint flavor to make the impression experience as stress free as possible.

Micro Applicators

Make sure you purchase a box of Micro Applicators too. We would recommend these Micro Applicators for working with bonding agents and etchants, as well as hemostatic solutions during treatments.

We found that these Micro Applicators were able to stay fixed in place when you bend them, unlike other poorer quality Micro Applicators.

We found that the applicators are able to work with excellent accuracy, as they are able to dispense 1/8 of a drop of material without any spills. The Applicators can be used on treatments with child patients, as well as adults.

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