The First Minutes Of Your Arrival In The New House

The First Minutes Of Your Arrival In The New House

After a long trip to the new house, you definitely want to have a short checklist at hand with the greatest highlights and most important things that you should do first. Another great idea is to prepare this list at least a week before the moving day, which will give you enough time to go through all the steps and activities of the relocation itself, as well as decide which boxes to unpack first, where to put them right after your arrival in the new house, etc. If you travel with the kids – you probably want to get more water and sandwiches with yourselves just to give them to the kids, right after arrival. This will ensure you a few moments of tranquility and less bustle – just perfect for unloading the removal van.

First, buy in advance a small box for these important last-minute things. Keep this small box or a bag always with yourself in the car. It may include a bag with sandwiches or snacks, as well as map, phone book or the removal checklist, for example. This bag is always one of the most important things to unload as soon as you arrive in front of the new house and it will help you to keep everything in order. Whether you move via professional removal services or by yourself – a small box with the most important items is the best things with which you can easily supervise the unloading activities.

Second, make sure to know the exact location of the keys for the new house. You will definitely have to use them right after arriving and a great idea is to keep them right in that small box with the other important things. If there are numerous keys for the garage, the front door and for every other door – you probably want to label them in order to save time for searching the right key in the last minute.

The First Minutes Of Your Arrival In The New House

Third, inform the neighbors about your arrival, because it is important to like you from the first contact. You can ask them about the location of the school, as well as introduce your kids to the neighbors. The first good impression is the key for achieving good contacts or to ensure a positive answer if you want to free more space in front the house for parking the big removal van and to unload effortlessly. Not to mention that if your neighbors have kids at the same age of your kids – they can play together and leave more free space for unloading, arranging, etc.

Fourth, check out the condition of the lights, the gas and the security system. This should even be one of the first things to do as soon as you arrive in the new house. Then, inspect the garden area for the condition of the walkways, the lawns and the other objects.
Fifth, unload and arrange the boxes according to a floor sketching of the house. This is another highlight, which can save you time and therefore money, especially during a relocation with a big removal company and teams for every task. Give the floor plan to the movers and they will know where exactly to put the big heavy objects like kitchen appliances, wooden furniture and more.

Sixth, unpack and assemble furniture. Take into account the time of the day and other factors that will help you to determine which furniture to assemble first. For instance, assembling the furniture in the kids room should be a priority if it’s near bed time.

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