The Healing Powers Of Massage

The healing powers of massage therapy has been foreseen even in the past centuries. Dr. William Murrell, a renowned doctor, stated in one of his published journals in the British Medical Journal that massage has such an inestimable value for the treatment of many intractable disorders and diseases. Nowadays, a lot of massage experts and doctors are advising people who have different physical and emotional disorders and diseases to try having massage therapies.

Massage therapy has many types. You can choose from a variety of massage types that you think can give enough benefit for your body. These types include the deep tissue massage, sports massage, tantric massage, trigger point massage and many other more. In general, all types of massage can give potential benefits to your body. There are also types of massage therapy that are good for your emotional health and one of these massage types is the tantric massage. The tantric massage is particularly popular to couples. Moving on, take a look at the list of the general benefits that you can get from all types of massage therapy.

1. Overall relaxation of your body.

2. Improved blood circulation and waste elimination.

3. Pain relief from aches, pains and tight muscles.

4. Nerve compression of the carpel tunnel and sciatica will be treated.

5. Improved body flexibility and increase in range of motion.

6. Greater body vitality and energy.

7. There is a high possibility that scar tissues in your ligament, tendon and muscles that are damaged can be cured.

In addition, there are more diseases and disorders that can be alleviated or completely treated by massage therapies. Because of the good circulatory effects of massage, other diseases are continuously being avoided by people who regularly get massage therapies. Some of these diseases include edema and arthritis. It can also induce your relaxation response which can help in lowering your heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. Below is the list of specific diseases that can be cured through the healing powers of massage therapy.

1. Massage therapy has the potential to decrease the pain and cure sciatica, carpal tunnel, scoliosis, whiplash, tension headaches, torticollis, thoracic outlet syndrome, tendon and muscle tears, back pain due to pregnancy, varicose veins, overused muscles and muscles injuries.

2. Massage therapy can also manage and treat the complications and symptoms brought by rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, diabetes, Raynaud’s disease, hypertension, heart diseases and autoimmune diseases.

3. Some types of massage therapy can also give emotional, psychological and physical benefits. These benefits include reduced anxiety, improved mood, reduced aggression and anger, lessening of depression, improved sleep patterns, decreased sleep disturbance, improved athletic performance, reduced fatigue and an enhanced immune system.

Indeed, massage therapy is now recognized as a good way to treat specific and general diseases. The healing powers of massage therapy already helped a lot of people all over the world. The prevention and treatment that all types of massage therapy can give to individuals are really making people’s lives healthier. Because of this, recent studies state that many people are patronizing massage therapies in order to cure their diseases. A study done by the American Massage Association stated that numerous Americans like to have a massage therapy just to decrease the pain and stress that they are experiencing. So start to treat your diseases now through the help of massage therapy.

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