The Home Furnishing Dilemma

Still working on making that house a home? It can be a little overwhelming to see a blank room and have any idea what to do with it. Let’s say you’re a young professional living in New York, looking to make their way. You’ve got the keys to your brand new apartment. You open the door, and you see nothing but white, empty rooms. What do you do about this?

Well first off, you furnish it. This would be for the brave and bold amongst you. Furnishing a whole apartment or home can be difficult. Furnishings usually will build up over time. You can’t buy everything in a single go.

Furnishing in New York can be hellish, as nearly nobody drives. You don’t want to be carrying rolls of carpet and sofas for several blocks.

You have to know where to start. Don’t focus from a design point of view either, think about practicality first. Let’s take the kitchen for example.

You’ve got your fridge, to store your food. You’ve got your cupboards, to hold your plates. You’ve got your oven, to cook the food. You’ve got a sink, to wash up afterwards. What is missing from this picture? To make it easier, where are you going to eat?

That’s right. A small set made of table and chairs should be your first port of call. Most people would start with the living room and concentrate there. By sorting your kitchen out first, you’ve at least got functionality. Even in the worst case scenario you can just drag your kitchen chair into the living room to sit on.

If this is already seeming complicated, what would be best for you is to pay for monthly furnished rentals in NYC instead. No furnishing required, but your control over how your place will look can be severely limited by that.

As a compromise between the two, why not move in with someone. This can go two ways.

First of all, you could move in with someone who has already been living in the apartment. They’ve already got a head start on the furnishing. The years they’ve been there has meant they managed to build things up to a level where you can just jump in. There’s no shortage of people looking for roommates in a place like New York.

From there, you can start adding your touches. If anything, you can just concentrate on your room. Your room will be your inner sanctum to decorate however you like. While some roommates will be fine with you doing a little furnishing and decorating, others may object to it.

The other way this can go is if you move into a place with someone at the same time. Two heads are better than one, so they say. You will both be in the same boat. That means you can work together on furnishing the apartment. It’ll even make repairs easier.

What would be too much of a challenge for one person will be accomplished by two. It is never an easy task though. It can take months to make somewhere presentable. It can take sweat and tears to make truly it look good.

Furnishing a home is a labor of love. You need to want it. If you truly do, then you can do no wrong.

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