Get To Work, Simple Home Repairs You Can Do

Get To Work, Simple Home Repairs You Can Do

Are you staying at home this summer? Then you have probably got some time your hands. For some of us that sounds like heaven. Others, not so much. We like keeping our hands busy. One summer we spent the whole time building a brand new conservatory. But, that is not what we are talking about today. These jobs are a lot smaller. You know they need doing, but you never get around to them. You put it off and these jobs just build and build. Well, it is time to sort some of them out. Here are easy home repairs you can do without calling in the professionals.

Fix The Fence, The Shed, The Shutters and Doors

You know where we are going with this one. Get those tools out the garage. Buy some nuts and bolts if you do not have any. You can find them cheap online from companies like London Stainless. Perhaps there was a nasty storm a couple of weeks ago, and it tore some of your fence apart. All you need to do is pick up that piece of wood and hammer it back on. Is your shed in need of some repair? Go down to your local DIY store and buy some materials. Fix the holes and then think about a repaint. If you have the time why wait until it absolutely has to be done. Are creaking doors bothering you? Oil up the hinges. Creaking floorboards? A quick fix is to sprinkle some talcum powder underneath them. Get the idea? Moving on then.

Unclog The Toilet And Fixing A Pipe Leak

Yes, it is a nasty job but someone has got to do it. Would you rather hire a plumber? Okay, maybe you would but bear with us here. It is not as difficult or as messy as it sounds. To fix your toilet get a toilet plunger or auger. Personally, i would rather use a plunger. It is less messy, but you may need an auger for a really tough job. Next, fill the water bowl so the bottom half of the plunger is submerged. Then thrust downwards a few times. This should fix the problem with ease.

Fixing a leaking pipe is simple once you know how. Underneath your sink is a small curved section of tap. There are two big white screws here. Get a bucket. Put it underneath the curve. Switch off the water valves. Then unscrew the curved section of tap. Some water will spill out and you can replace the washer which is most likely the problem or the bolt. You may need to replace the small curved section of the pipe.

Removing Old Caulk

Step back inside your bathroom now. It is probably a lot nicer place to be now you have unclogged the toilet. Have a look at the edge of your shower and bath. Is the caulk looking a little groggy and dry. One final easy fix then. Get a damp cloth lined with some adhesive remover. The old stuff will come right off. Clean the section with some tile cleaner and add some fresh caulk. Problem solved.

We hope you found this page useful. Use these instructions to fix your house problems in minutes.

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