The Ultimate Rules Of Decorating An Apartment

Apartments can be tricky to decorate because they are more compact than the average home. Do you ever wonder how some homes look amazing while others are dull? Well, it is no big secret. The truth is that anybody can create a beautiful apartment so long as they stick to the rules. If you are about to revamp your home, read these ideas first. That way, your apartment look top notch.

Rule 1 – Don’t Clash Too Many Different Themes

Sure, you want your home to have a little character, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go crazy with different themes. Instead, you should make sure that you keep things are simple as possible. The more different themes you use, the smaller your home will look. You should pick one style and just run with it.

Rule 2 – Open Planning is a Fantastic Idea

Open-plan rooms are the best way to make the most of your space. Most military apartments tend to have an open-plan kitchen and dining room space. This idea seems to work well. You might think that the best thing to do is have loads of little rooms, but it’s not. It is better to have one massive room than three tiny rooms. If you can do so, you might want to knock down the walls. Doing so will make a huge, impressive open space. This small change will make all the difference.

Rule 3 – Never Use Dark Colors

Dark colors are a big no-no if you live in an apartment. You want to make the place look as light and vibrant as possible. That means that colors like red, green and brown are out. Pick some off white colors or even some bright tones. These colors will have a dramatic effect on your living space, and so they are well worth considering. Head down to your local DIY store and ask someone about light colors. They will help you choose the best ones for you.

Rule 4 – Use Just One Wood Type

When it comes to choosing your furniture, you ought to be careful. You should never use loads of different types of wood as it will mean that your home looks a mess. If you get an oak table, you should make sure that all your other furnishings are also oak. This rule might sound a little restrictive, but if you want your apartment to look great, you need to pay attention. You can often get furniture in a set, which might be useful. You can head down to a furniture store and get a set that includes everything you need in your home.

Rule 5 – Get Creative with the Space

If you don’t happen to have much space, you need to get creative with it. You could get furniture that converts into other pieces. For example, you might want a sofa that doubles as a bed. There are loads of fun and interesting ways to make the most of your rooms. You should check out tips and guides online. If you spend a little time reading about creative spaces, you will find that your home looks amazing.

Rule 6 – Proper Lighting is Everything

When it comes to apartment spaces, lighting is everything. Whether you have tall ceilings or small rooms, you need to make sure that you light them well. Of course, you will have your main light fitting, but you should get some lamps as well. The more light you have in the room, the better it will look.

These rules are not strict, but you need to take them on board. People make loads of home decor mistakes all the time, and you want to avoid doing that.

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