Fantastic Cleaning Tips For People Who Hate Cleaning

For those of you who skipped Spring cleaning duties this year, we’re here to kick you into action! A clean and tidy house equals a clean and tidy mind. There are few things as satisfying as a spotless home, yet we know how much effort it involves. In this post, we’ll open your eyes to some super easy cleaning tricks to make it all less daunting. The problem is letting dirt and mess build up. The longer it goes on, the worse it gets! Without further ado, let’s face the mess head on and get started.

One Room at a Time

The trick here is to break the big task down into small chunks. Rather than worry about the entirety of the task, focus on one room at a time. Set aside a little time this weekend to start on your bedroom, or the study. Start with an easy room that won’t take too much effort. That way you can notch up a small victory and feel like you’ve made progress. From there, you can take on the bigger problems!

Declutter First

If the task of cleaning seems daunting, it’s probably because of the amount of clutter. Before you do anything else, get rid of anything that’s lying around. Give all your items and possessions a home and clear some floor space. Reclaim your living areas and get a sense of what’s dirt and what is simply junk! For all you hoarders out there, this might be a big challenge all on its own!

Focus on the Bathrooms and Kitchen

The biggest operation will take place in the bathrooms and kitchen. Naturally, they accumulate the most dirt, bacteria, and mess. They have a habit of holding onto stubborn dirt and making the whole process tricky. The biggest trouble will be the tiles and grouting. We often find it’s best to bring in the experts like Groutsmith here. Your average cleaning products aren’t always powerful enough for this stubborn job. For everything else, you’ll need plenty of kitchen and bathroom cleaners. After that, it’s all about the elbow grease!

Don’t Forget About the Smells

So, you’ve wiped everything down, vacuumed the carpets and shined the wooden floors. Hold up, you’re not done yet! There are lots of hidden bacteria lurking in your sofas, bed linen, and curtains. The odours will linger long after you’ve finished cleaning. You might not be aware of it either, as you become accustomed to the smells in your home. Use deep cleaners and odour eliminators on these fabrics. Finally, use scented candles and incense to clear the air completely.

From Now On, Clean as you Go!

Now that your home is spotless, learn from the past. Don’t let mess and clutter build up. Clean and tidy as you go along and you’ll avoid a major cleanup operation later on. You’ll also reduce the spread of germs and keep odours at bay. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your cleaning gloves and get started!

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