The Latest and Greatest Tech Trends You Need To Know

It’s always great to be in the know, right? When it comes to ever-changing industries, like technology, it can be difficult to stay on track. Whether it’s the latest in gadgets or the greatest in web design, we’ve put together the tech trends you need to know.

Wi-Fi Phone Charging

This is quite easily one of the most impressive technology advancements we’ve seen in a long time. Although the idea has been around for quite some time, it’s only really getting a look in recently. A few companies have jumped on this technology, including Samsung and even IKEA. You will soon be able to charge your phone without having to plug it in. Just a simple wi-fi connection will do the job just as well.

3D Printing

This is another technology trend that has been around for a little while. However, 3D printers are now becoming more accessible to the likes of you and me. Kickstarter have had plenty of campaigns recently, to fund affordable 3D printers. This means that we’ll soon be able to print 3D objects off at home. Companies have also started using this technology in their manufacturing processes. There’s even a charity which is researching how to make cheap homes from 3D printers. Something which will be really helpful in disaster areas.

Responsive Websites

Remember the days of WAP on your phone? Remember how difficult it was to browse websites using your mobile? Those days are long gone! Responsive websites are a big thing now. And after the latest Google update, they’re only going to get bigger. Every SEO company on the planet is working to help their clients go mobile-friendly. No more scrolling sideways to see the rest of the web page.

The Latest and Greatest Tech Trends You Need To Know

Windows 10

It seemed like only yesterday we saw Windows 8 leap into our lives. In a few months, Windows 10 will be launched. What happened to 9? We’ve no idea. However, there are thought to be some pretty impressive upgrades for anyone with a Windows computer. It does mean you’ll probably have to upgrade your laptop. Or buy a new one. To keep up with the newest changes.

Solar Roadways

Here’s another technology trend that got its first real exposure on crowdfunding websites. Experts have been working on this for a while, and it’s finally being implemented. The first solar panel road was launched in The Netherlands last year. It’s a short stretch, used as a cycle lane. The panels produce energy which can then be used for things such as street lights. It won’t be long before every country makes use of solar roadways.


Let’s round off with one of the most exciting technology trends we’ve ever seen. Remember the Hoverboard in Back to The Future? Well, it looks like the future is now. The Hendo Hoverboard was a crowdfunded project that brought this sci-fi dream to life. Although they’re still quite pricey at the moment, we think it won’t be long before everyone is zooming around on one.

As of today, these are the latest and greatest technology trends. However, with things changing so rapidly, we’re sure these will be out of date in a few months. What will be next? Hover cars?

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