The Message Of Love and Peace

The Message Of Love and Peace

There are many people who are dedicated to help others irrespective of their religion, nationality, caste and creed. According to them, humanity is itself a religion and helping the poor and needy people is the real prayer of God and means of attaining salvation. The essence of Gospel and Bible lies in the love for humanity and providing assistance to the disabled and needy people. Whether it is man-made catastrophic incidents or natural calamities, people need to help and support each other.

Westside Family Church is one of the largest Christian missionary community family churches to spread the Gospel, which is the message of Christ, with the help of the missionaries of national level. According to this community church, the prime purpose of this church is to spread love and good news about Jesus Christ to the people who are unaware of Jesus Christ and his love and sacrifice for the world. From their Westside Lansing Prison campuses, to their partnerships in inner-city Kansas City, Westside is making a real difference in people’s lives.

Reaching Out to the Unreached People:

Spreading the message of Christ to the people who are unaware and ignorant about the grace of god is something truly significant and meaningful for the society. People are misguided about the actual meaning of existence and never had any realization about the essence of life. People like Jim and Esther Wilder (Founding Pastor) have taken steps and initiatives to make the world realize how they bring happiness in their life without much troubles and worry. There are several aspects associated with the Westside Family Church foundation – scope, mission, vision, ambition and objectives. Most of the people are unaware of what exactly this church is doing and for what benefit and purpose. The real purpose that most of the people stated about this community church is about making the life of people easier and better by guiding them towards the right direction. Their aim and purpose is to make people aware about the teaching of Christ and Gospel of the bible so that they can understand the real meaning and essence of life. They provide guidance and training to the national missionaries to prepare them for spreading the message of Jesus and make people restore their faith and beliefs in Christianity.

Spreading Affection and Love:

Undoubtedly, Westside Family Church Lenexa KS is spreading the affection and love among the people. They are not only spreading peace, love and compassion rather they are always ready to help the people who are poor, downtrodden and needy. It is one of the top-rated non-profitable community churches having number of trainers and volunteers who strive to transform the lives of the people into the happier one. Everyone is the children of God and hence God takes pleasure when people are peaceful and happy. Therefore, people need to learn more about the blessings and grace of God. Westside Family Church is trying to make people aware about the teachings of our creator, Jesus Christ.

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