The Price To Pay For Building Muscle Mass- Cost Of Anavar

Anavar is considered one of the safest anabolic steroids to gain muscle mass without adding extra fat. Anavar is widely used by athletes and weight trainers. It can also be used by women in low doses. The drug is not entirely devoid of side effects but when compared to other steroids, they are much less. Anavar can be bought from pharmaceuticals or online. Ordering from Indian manufacturers can be also done online.

What are the Prices?

Anavar was first sold in the United States in the year 1964 and was given the name Oxandrolone. The drug was first manufactured by Searle. However, Searle terminated the production of Anavar in the 1980s.

The price of Anavar depends upon the form in which it is consumed. The Pharmaceutical grade Anavar is expensive. Each 10 mg tablet of Pharmaceutical grade Anavar usually cost around $2-2.50. Therefore, bottle containing 60 tables can cost around $120. In the powdered form, the cost is generally between $14 to $15 for every gram. Anavar costs more in liquid form than tablets and capsules. Thus, people looking for injectable Anavar need to be prepared to shell out more money. Taking the steroid in a tablet form throughout the day is much more convenient

Underground Laboratories or UGLs also manufacture Anavar. The ULG grade Anavar costs more than the Pharmaceutical grade ones. The price is between $70 and $100 for 60 tablets of 10-20mg. However, sufficient caution must be exercised while buying UGL grade Anavar because there are a lot of UGL grade Anavars which are not pure but consist of other steroids such as Dianabol and Winstrol.

The Outlets

Anavar can be easily bought online. There is a plethora of online stores selling this steroid. The retailer must be authentic and reputable. Reputable retailers cost more than others but their products are of the finest quality. In countries, such as USA, New Zealand, Australia and some other developed countries, Anavar cannot be bought from a pharmacy without producing a doctor’s prescription. Therefore, the online route becomes desirable and simple. The online retail stores operate from many countries such as Canada, England, USA, etc.

Anavar is manufactured and sold in China and many other Asian countries such as India. In India, Anavar and other steroids are manufactured and sold by many pharmaceutical companies based in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other states. Most of these companies have their own websites where Anavar and other drugs can be ordered. Ordering from Indian manufacturers can be difficult for people living in developed countries where it is illegal to buy Anavar without a prescription. This is because products coming from Asian nations are not easily passed through the customs. There is always a chance of the product being confiscated which results in loss of money for the customer. Obviously no such problems exist for the Indian customers.

It is imperative that the customers determine the average price of Anadrol and pick the best retailer carefully.

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