The Tablets Of The Next Generation: Note 6

We live in a world, where phones are smarter than the people around us and marriages gayer! Well, there has to be something good happening here, and yes there are a lot better things. We actually should be thankful to the world’s biggest smartphone producing company, i.e. Samsung. Yes Samsung has made our lives easier that you would not believe. The tech giant is majorly known for its quality and refinement. They started off their journey just like the mechanic shop in your backyard but they had a clear set goal in their minds of doing that nobody has ever done and achieving the things that others term as impossible. Well, they definitely have been pulling up the right strings since they entered the smartphone industry. They were so great at making smartphones for stupid people, that their Galaxy S2 is still popular among people. The company has two different types of high end smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S series and the Samsung Galaxy NOTE series.

NOTE series helped Samsung think differently, and they thought so differently, that it was the first phone from where the idea of tablet arrived. Samsung NOTE has been extremely successful, and that is why it is time to launch the next generation, The Note 6. With Note 5 just on the brink of launch, everyone is going to look forward to the Note 6 which is expected to launch in the mid of 2016. Note is all about power so is the Snapdragon processor. The company has decided to fit in a Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa Core Processor which is clocked at 2.9 Ghz, well, if that doesn’t sounds good, then a 6 GB RAM definitely will. Samsung has played a really big hand in developing its chipsets, that is why the tech giant has already got them patented so that no other company can use it.

You are a girl, so you will definitely need a better camera to keep looking at your face and that is why, the Galaxy Note 6 will be featuring a 8 Mega Pixel front snapper which also comes with a front facing LED flash. Ohh Yes, we know how great the camera Samsung makes so what do you think about its rear 30 Megapixel camera? Though ipad air 4 seems to be in good competition. We expect the results to be mesmerizing and astonishing. The device will also feature a 4200 Mah battery which will be coupled with a fast charging technology. This fast charging technology is nothing like anything, but it is different from others at this will charge half of your battery in just 15 minutes. The device is to run on android’s next release, The Android M. the next release is making the finger print scanner as standard so the NOTE 6 will also have a fingerprint scanner.

Let us come to the pricing of this device, and this will definitely break some of your hearts. It is expected to cost 1100 dollars which also includes a wireless charger. Yes, it is a lot to pay for a smartphone through which you can just do okay, but it isn’t a lot when you want to do more than everyone else!

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