Ready Mix Concrete

The Top 7 Reasons Why Ready Mix Concrete Is A Best Choice For Your Construction Project

One of the hottest discussion points about the UK construction industry in recent times has been the exponentially increasing ROI of ready mix concrete manufacturers. Builders and contractors of all sizes are benefitting from the ultra-rich performance of this revolutionary concrete product. There are many ready mix concrete manufacturing and supplier companies across the nation that boast of strong infrastructure and expertise that enable them to provide their customers superior quality of ready mix concrete (RMC).

This post is an attempt to put some light on the most prominent advantages of choosing RMC over traditional onsite concrete mixing method.

Here are the benefits of RMC over site mixed concrete

  1. Improved construction speed: Using RMC ensures timely delivery of ready-to-lay concrete mix at your construction mix as and when needed. This will save you a huge deal of time that would have been invested in the onsite concrete mixing procedure. Besides, the mechanized tools that come along with RMC delivery trucks will also support speedy construction. You don’t need to source raw materials, manage their storage space and no need of hiring labour for the job.
  2. Assured high quality concrete mix: Quality of concrete mix is a primary concern for construction engineers during onsite concrete mixing process. RMC is produced in machine-controlled environment that uses best quality of raw materials in right proportion all the time and thus succeed in ensuring great quality concrete mix consistently. RMC batching plants use advanced technology to control the specifications of the final concrete mix, which would not be feasible in case of onsite concrete mixing.
  3. Lower consumption of Cement: Due to accurate mixing and efficient handling of final mix during RMC supply, consumption of cement and other raw materials used in project is reduced by 10-15%. You can save more cement by using mineral admixtures.
  4. Minimal wastage guaranteed: At a RMC central mixing plant, the raw materials are weighed and mixed by computerized machinery, thus there is no scope of human error and material wastage.
  5. Lower labour cost assured: With RMC, you can considerably reduce your dependency on labour. You will also be able to cut down on construction site supervising expense.
  6. A versatile product: RMC manufacturing plants can prepare bespoke mix design to best fit your construction project specifications and placing techniques. Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial grade project, RMC makes a right choice for all types of construction projects.
  7. It is environment-friendly: There are many reasons why RMC is considered an environment-friendly product. All the raw materials including cement, water and aggregates are available in plentiful in the region. Any leftover material can be later recycled or reused. What’s more, bulk cement is used instead of bagged cement, which helps reduce dust pollution. Other benefit of choosing RMC is it helps cut down on the use of resources. There will be less noise pollution. On top of all, structures built with great quality RMC offer excellent thermal efficiency and durability that bring additional savings.

To sum up, a reliable ready mix specialist will help you cut down on your construction cost, speed up your construction operations and ensure high quality concrete every time you place order.  Search for a ready mix supplier online!

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