The Top 8 Features Needed In Your First Home

Purchasing your first home is one of the best times in your life. There are so many emotions at one time, from excitement to waiting with anticipation and anxiety. Because of all the emotions during this period, it is easy to forget the important features you want in your first home. Let’s take a look at some of the features you need in your first home.

  1. Easy Commute to Work

How many times do people end up moving homes and location because they have an hour long commute each way to work? A long commute to work can eat up hours every single week and reduce time with your family. One of the best ways to determine this is to drive the route during the actual time of day that you would be driving, so you can determine the traffic.

  1. Space for Exercising

Taking care of your health is important. You don’t necessarily need to have space for a dedicated gym, but having space for a treadmill or rowing machine is a great way to practicefor marathons or sports related activities. However, take a look at the size of the yard; can you play ball with your dog or kids? Is the neighborhood ideal for taking walks with your family?

  1. Place for Your Vehicles

You need a place to keep your vehicles. If you don’t have a dedicated garage space, parking on the street will be your norm. You need to check out and understand the laws in the city. If your condo or apartment has a designated spot, check out the actual spot. It could be rather difficult for the size of your car.

  1. Dedicated Laundry Room

Some homes have a little closet in their hallways for their washer and dryer. While this is ok, it is impractical when you have a family with children. Having a dedicated laundry room is perfect; you have a separate area to hide all of the mess that can accumulate.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Buyers love energy efficient homes for good reasons. Look to see if the home has Energy Star windows that are sturdier than typical windows with better framing materials. Using these types of windows will reduce the heat loss in your home, thus reducing your utility bills.

Also, it is great to have energy efficient appliances already installed in the home. By using all energy efficient appliances, your utility prices are going to drop even lower. Who doesn’t love having lower bills?

  1. Outside Living Space

One of the most desired features in homes is having a dedicated outdoor living space. You want to have a patio with a backyard, where you can watch the children play and cook dinner for friends on the grill. If the home doesn’t have a dedicated outdoor space, is there room for you to add one? Having space outside expands the livable area of your home.

  1. Desirable Neighborhood

Your desires for the features in your neighborhood is going to differ from person to person. For younger adults, having restaurants and bars nearby may be ideal. Families with small families may want to avoid those areas in exchange for close parks and great school districts. It is important to decide what neighborhood and location features are important to you.

  1. Lots of Storage

When you are touring the homes, take a look at the amount of storage available. Each room should have a decent sized closet for clothes of all seasons. Is there a linen closet? They are ideal for many items. Is there a pantry or room to store small appliances? Ideally, your home will have enough storage to avoid having to purchase too many extra storage pieces. Built in storage is a key feature to homes for many people.

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