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Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got A Pet For My Kids

Science has proven that having a pet has a positive impact on children’s lives, both emotionally as well as physically. A kid with a pet is said to be more responsible and less prone to allergies. This has been proven scientifically and many parents have taken this fact to heart. Accordingly many of us, as parents, feel it is our duty to provide our kids of the pleasure of owning a pet. Hence, as soon as our kids are old enough, we get them a pet. Things can turn into a nightmare after sometime if not done right. So here is a list of things, compiled over the years that I wish I knew before I allowed my kids to have a pet.

You need to Prepare before you bring the Pet Home

Well, this should be a no brainer right? Not many of us think enough about what you need to be prepared with before you bring your pet home. I recall a night of driving around looking for dog beds for sale because we forgot to think of place to sleep for our puppy. We ended up spending an arm and a leg on one that was definitely not on sale. So you need to think well in advance about the needs and requirements of a pet, before you bring it home.

Kids don’t Like Messes

Another thing that I learned the hard way was that kids only love to create messes. They do not like to clear them up. Especially if it is pet droppings. So before you let your kid have a pet, think about how you are going to manage a pet who is going to be needing to use a toilet a lot. Keep in mind that your kids will definitely turn up their noses at the first sight of a pet dropping. You will most definitely end up cleaning pet poop from all kinds of surfaces right after you bring in a pet. You may also want to equip yourself with a book or two about dog toilet training. A few videos on YouTube will also come in handy. Another thing that you should not forget is to brief your kid about this not so brighter side of having a pet. This way, your kid is prepared, and will not be taken by surprise, when the pet uses his room as its own personal toilet.

The Chewing Syndrome

New pets take time to get used to their new surroundings. Until they get used to their surrounding and settle in, they are nervous. When pets get nervous, it is only natural that they would want to chew things up. Chances are that your kids would most definitely get a kick out of this. So try not to take it to heart when you come home from work, and find your sofa shredded to pieces. Also try not to take things to heart when you find out that your kids helped the pets to shred the sofa to pieces. As a solution and prevention to this problem, keep some rawhide sticks around the house, in places where your pet can find them. Get your kids to place them in different places everyday so that your pet will not get bored. Ensure that you keep them in places where your pet can find them easily. The minute they cannot find it, your belongings will be at risk.

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got A Pet For My Kids

Vaccination and Grooming Costs

Having a pet is cheap, said no one ever. Regardless of how effortless your kids will tell you it is, I am here to tell you that it is not. In addition to food and other supplies, you will find that vaccinations will take a huge chunk of your monthly wages. So be prepared. Start a pet fund and keep adding to it every month. You will find that in addition to the usual vaccinations, you will also be expected to spring for things such as routine checkups, medicine, vitamin and, grooming products. If your kids get an allowance, let them spend for basic things such as grooming products and food. Before you get your pet, let them know of this, so that they too won’t be caught by surprise.

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