Things To Consider When Applying For Canada Student’s Spouse Visa

Things To Consider When Applying For Canada Student’s Spouse Visa

If you are studying in one of the universities in Canada and got married during your study period only, you can invite your spouse to Canada. There is a special spousal visa for your spouse that makes it possible for your spouse to stay with you in Canada until you complete your course. Apart from your spouse, it is also possible for your dependent children to join you in Canada. Before you actually apply for this kind of visa, you need to prove that you are actually studying in Canada. If you have planned to invite your partner to Canada, make sure to know what to consider before applying for Canada Student spouse Visa.

Here are some of the things to be considered when applying for Canada Student Spouse Visa:

  1. Required criteria:

If you have decided to invite your partner to Canada via spousal visa program, you require to meet certain criteria for immigrating to Canada. Before applying for the visa, you have to prove that your relationship is genuine. When you need to apply for your spousal visa through study visa, you should ensure that your partner holds the student visa of Canada so that you could be able to get an entry in Canada as quickly as possible.

  1. Proper documentation:

You may need a certain set of documents to prove that you are actually eligible for the Canada Student Spouse Visa program. The documents that are required to get this visa are a valid passport, application fee receipt, complete visa application form, passport size photographs, health certificate, and marriage certificate to prove that your marriage is also eligible according to Canadian laws.

  1. Consulting genuine Spousal visa consultants in Canada:

Since it may take a long time if you apply for the whole procedure of Canada student spouse visa on your own, it is better to consult the genuine spousal visa consultants in Canada who have a great experience in assisting people who are planning to get the spousal visa.

  1. Purpose of the visit to Canada:

While applying for the spousal visa, you should also be prepared with an explanation letter that discusses the purpose and intention of visiting Canada. No matter whether you are joining your spouse living in Canada as a worker or visitor, you need to submit the explanation letter in both the cases.

If you are married to a person who is still pursuing his or her studies in Canada and you wish to stay with them in the same country, you have an amazing option to apply for the immigration to Canada via Canada student spouse visa. LCC Info Tech is the one-stop destination for you as LCC has highly professional and experienced spousal visa consultants in Canada who can assist you in getting an entry in Canada.

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