Things You Should Consider When Buying A Pocket Bike For Your Kid

Things You Should Consider When Buying A Pocket Bike For Your Kid

Are you thinking of buying a motorcycle for your kid? But unsure about which one to buy? Well, no need to worry as the best choice is Pocket bikes. These are one of the hottest rides in the market today. Pocket bikes take your outdoor riding experience to a whole new level. Of course your kid is going to be all excited about this bike, however there are certain things you have to consider when buying these bikes. So, let’s take a look at those things so that you can make a good purchase decision:

The very first thing you have to do is make sure your kid meets the required minimum rider age that is 13 years old and also the weight capacity that is under 160 lbs or 72 kg for pocket bikes. Now that you’ve got the requirements, let’s move on to know everything you need to know about pocket bikes.

What is a Pocket Bike?

You must have seen a sports bike, right! Well, you just have to shrink it in size and you get a pocket bike. These mini bikes run and can reach about the speed of 25 mph to 40 mph. These bike are made for both kids and adults, however parents need to be really careful if your underage kid is operating on these mini bikes.

How to choose?

It is actually both a fun and challenging process to choose a pocket bike from various models available in the market. It is important that you make a wise choice, especially if your kid have never ridden one before. So, when making the decision, consider all these factors:

1.The Fit – The bike needs to offer easy manageability to your kid that means he can comfortably sit on the bike and place both the feet on the ground securely. Also, the kid should be able to get hold of the controls and handlebars easily.

2.Saddle Height – Saddles or commonly known as bike seats should have a minimum height as compared to your kid’s inseam as it will help you in getting the right fit for your child.

3.Weight – The kid’s bike is around 50% of their weight. These bikes focus on the weight and the fit part that makes them an ideal choice for your kid.

4.Budget – More often than not expensive bikes will perform better than the cheaper ones. When making the purchase, buy the best one you can afford. There are a lot of options available for you in different price ranges for you to choose from. Don’t be discourage if you can’t afford the top rate bike and end up buying something else. Be patient with your kid when he is learning to ride on this bike.

5.Safety Gears – You have to make sure that you purchase all the safety gears and make use of it. Helmets, boots, gloves, goggles, knee braces and chest protection, all are an investment for your kid’s safe ride adventures.

6.Child’s Ability – If this is going to be your kid’s first pocket bike, then it needs to fit differently than their future bikes. He should be able to stop the bike with their feet as he is already accustomed to do it. Moreover, the inseam needs to be closely equal to the minimum seat height and coordination should also be factored in.

7.Test Ride – Take a test ride of the whichever pocket bike you purchase before making the final decision.

Purchase a Pocket Bike

You can buy a pocket bike in a store or online. Perform a thorough research and select a reliable company to make your purchase. We recommend Belmonte Bike as your #1 choice for pocket bike needs. Click here to view their website. Give your kid an outstanding riding experience, by purchasing a pocket bike from a trustworthy company that could provide you great customer support!

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