Throttle Position Sensor Replacement Cost

The throttle position sensor replacement cost is based on your car type. Besides, it also depends on the repair shop. Some repair shops provide the mechanics that are mobile. It means you don’t need to go to the repair shop. They will come to you whether you are in the office or at home. The cost is ranging from $116 until $188.

Keep in Mind

There are several things you need to keep in mind. When you identify a bad throttle postion sensor and you need to repair or replace, it means it will require having minimal idle speed reset. It should be based on the factory specs. Then it should be cleared the trouble codes. Moreover, while you place the new throttle position sensor, you should check the software updates as well.

How to do

First thing to do is by scanning the computer system to get the codes. After getting the codes, then you can test the throttle position sensor. Then you can do the related wiring. In addition, if there is faulty in the throttle position sensor you can replace or remove it. After removing the throttle position, clean carbon all around the throttle part. Then put it back into the throttle part. The next thing to do is to reset in minimum idle speed based on the factory specs. After that check the trouble codes and clear it. Then you can recheck the right operation. The last thing to do is to test the drive vehicle.


When you indicate that the gears don’t change in the right way, you should inspect the throttle position sensor. If you get the good mechanic, he will clean thoroughly the whole body of the throttle as long as the tune up. Having good mechanic also makes you worth in throttle position sensor replacement cost. When you notice the check engine light and it is on, then you need to get your car being checked as soon as possible.

Symptoms Indicate you should Replace the Throttle Position Sensor

There are some symptoms you need to be considered that you should replace the throttle position sensor. The first common symptom is when the engine is suddenly misfiring or stalling. The second one is when the engine performs poorly. The engine is lacking of power is one of the symptoms as well. The last symptom is when there is the shifting on the transmission which doesn’t work properly.

The Importance of the Service

To run effectively, your vehicle is based on the regular mixture of air and fuel. The air intake system is controlling the amount of air which enters the engine. The faster you move your vehicle, the more air it will require. That’s why the gas pedal is connected to the air intake system. The throttle position sensor will continuously send the info about the gas pedal you take to the engine control in your vehicle. Then the computer will choose the right position into the throttle plate. It is the part which the air intake system pulls the air to go through the engine. That’s also the consideration on how much throttle position sensor replacement cost.

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