Throw Out Your Mower! Get A Luxury Artificial Lawn

Mowing the lawn is one of those chores that you always leave for another day, and then the next minute you’ve got a wild overgrown mess to deal with. An artificial lawn will give your garden a great finish all through the year. Here are a few reasons why an artificial lawn would benefit you.

Low Maintenance

Not only will you save a lot of time, but also save plenty of money in general up-keep costs. This will apply to homeowners, elderly people who find maintenance more difficult, as well as organisations who are in charge of maintaining public grass areas.

No watering needed

Not needing to water makes it one less thing to worry about. People on water meters will benefit from this the most, as in warm weather conditions irrigating lawns is responsible for around 75% of residential water usage. Artifical lawns are therefore good for the environment.

It looks good all year round

Not only will it remain neat and tidy, but also it will keep a fresh green colour all year round. This means you won’t have any annoying yellow patches appearing. You do need to do a little work to take care of your artificial lawn, but not as much as a natural lawn requires.

Lawn mowers are Expensive

If you want a decent lawn mower then you should be prepared to part ways with a fair amount of money. Not only will the mower cost you a lot, you also need to consider the cost of maintenance and repair. You then have to consider the time and effort of mowing your lawn, artificial grass takes that away and leaves you with more free time for other tasks.

Plenty of options

Once you have made the decision to get an artificial lawn, you now have a wide range of variables to make sure you find the best grass to suit your garden. For example you will need to decide what shade of green you like the most, whether you want mono or dual tone and how long you want it to be. With so many different colours, textures and styles you will be able to find the ideal artificial grass for your perfect garden.

Effective when Grass is a difficult option

In areas where grass isn’t a viable option or would be difficult to maintain, this is an effective solution. Again this a way artificial grass can prove to be a lot more beneficial than a lawn mower, if certain areas of your garden are uneven or hard to get to it makes them more difficult to mow. This often leads to areas overgrowing more compared to the rest of the lawn. Once you have your artificial grass in place you then won’t have to worry about maintaining these areas anymore.

An artificial lawn is exactly what you need if you don’t want to spend lots of time worrying about the state of your grass, and be forever maintaining it. The money you would spend on an expensive lawn mower, which you would then have to spend more to keep it in good condition, could be spent on a plush new artificial lawn. A good artificial lawn will give you many years of pleasure.

Lee Tombs is the Founder of Artificial Grass Installers, with over 10 years of experience, Lee and his team have installed artificial grass in hundreds of homes across Essex, London and Hertfordshire.

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