Tips For Adding Comfort To A Stylish Family Living Space

You have certainly seen plenty of living spaces in design magazines that veer toward one of two extremes. Some tend to get very fancy with white damask chairs, expensive ceramic end tables, and even chandeliers. Others end up looking messy and cluttered through a lack of planning and an emphasis on keeping things inexpensive for the small children in the home. However, there are ways to create living spaces that are stylish enough for the adult members of the family yet perfect for small hands and feet as well.

Choose the Right Flooring

Stay away from light colored flooring or from flooring that will easily get nicked or scratched. Many laminates today look just like hardwoods yet hold up better to furniture and dropped toys. A large rug will create a soft surface for children to play on and can anchor the major furniture in the room. Consider an indoor-outdoor rug that can be easily cleaned.

Choose Comfortable Seating

Seating is one of the most important elements in a living space because it creates the main comfort factor. Instead of choosing hard chairs with straight backs and little width or depth on the seat, consider overstuffed sofas that make it easy to curl up and relax. For example, a leather recliner sofa, such as one from, is comfortable enough for a television party but is stylish enough to work for your next wine party or reading group.

Create a Kid Zone

A multi-functional room should appeal to all ages. When you create a kid’s zone, your children can have fun without worrying about creating a mess. Set aside a corner or an entire side of your room, depending on how much space you have, for toy shelves, a craft table, a reading nook with beanbag chairs and bins for games. You can define the zone with a console table, a sofa or a different rug.

As you can see, your living room can easily appeal to people of all ages. By creating inviting spaces, your living area can double as a kid’s playroom as well as an entertaining space for all of your friends. Whether you want to kick back and watch the next football game or you want to host a play date for your child, your comfortable yet stylish living area can do it all.

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