Tips for Planning the Perfect Beach Day with Your Friends

Heading to the beach may seem like a simple task, but does require some preplanning if you wish to have an enjoyable time without any regrets. A beach is a great option when you’re thinking about various ways to spend time with your friends over the warmer months of the year.

Use the following tips to help you plan a perfect and unforgettable beach day with your friends. Doing so will ensure that you all walk away from the experience feeling satisfied and like your time and day were well spent. Whether you’re on vacation or are simply relaxing on the weekend, use this advice to guarantee your day is nothing less than spectacular.

Research Beach Location Options in Advance

Be open-minded to using this day as an opportunity to try out a new beach that’s within reasonable travel distance. You don’t want to spend your entire day in the car, so make sure getting to your beach of choice is painless and relatively quick. Consider how crowded or popular of a place you want to hang out at as well when trying to narrow down your options.

Watch the Weather

Another tip for planning the perfect beach day with friends is to watch the weather in advance so can you select the best day to attend. Not only that but you should have a backup plan if a storm or cold air rolls in and it’s too chilly or unpleasant to be outside at the beach. Try to pick a day that everyone who’s invited can go and when the sun will be shining bright.

Pack Your Own Supplies

You’ll also want to think about what supplies you want with you if you’re going to have the perfect beach day with friends. For example, browse this site for ways to keep your drinks cool while in the hot sun. Also, be sure to bring along towels, hats to block the sun and a change of clothes, so you don’t have to travel home wet.

Apply Sunscreen Often

You’re going to have a much more enjoyable time at the beach with your friends when your skin isn’t burning. Therefore, bring plenty of sunscreen along to share and apply it often. It’s also a wise idea to take breaks once in a while and get out of the sun so your skin can have a rest from the warm rays.

Plan some Activities

Your beach day will be that much more fun when you plan a few activities to do while you’re there. For instance, play beach volleyball, games and music or build a sandcastle to help keep yourselves entertained for the duration you’re hanging out at the beach. Another idea is to have a limbo contest and indulge in a few laughs while seeing who can get the lowest in the sand.


Your beach day is going to be that much more perfect and relaxing when you use this advice and plan. Try your best to stay in the moment and be present while hanging out with your friends,so you return home feeling like you truly had a day away from your responsibilities and electronics.

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