Tips On How To Make Your Lawn Green With Envy

Tips On How To Make Your Lawn Green With Envy

Every morning when you stare at your neighbor’s lawn, you probably murmur, “The grass’s always greener on that other side.” Fortunately, you do not have to despair. Here are some ideas for growing a green lawn, including how you can use lawn fertilizers which will make your neighbors green with envy. Of course, making the assumption that it’s only the green grass you want to see carpeting your yard, knowing about the methods of killing stubborn weeds is a crucial aspect of any form of lawn-care advice. Homeowners who are looking to have thicker, lusher lawns will not tolerate a patch of crabgrass or a dandelion weed.

So why do some homes have beautiful green lawns, while in other homes, the greenery often seems to lose ground with time and turn into brown spots? All aspects held constant, the secret to having a lush green lawn lies in giving enough nutrients, practicing proper weed control, and adhering to the right mowing routine, all of which we will get to later.

For starters, it is important that we shoot down the idea that grass is just grass, and that is all there is to grass. The truth is that there is a lot more to grass. People often have various grass species on their lawns, all of which have various growing needs. And there are numerous factors that go into choosing the type of grass for your lawn. One of the most significant factors is the local climate. Warm-season grasses tend to be ideal for the Southern U.S. while their cool-season counterparts thrive well in the north. It is also important to note that the best lawns are not just made up of a single grass type. At times, they could be made up of a mixture so as to leverage the strengths of each grass type.

Thatch Removal and Watering

If you are serious about getting a thicker and greener lawn, then you should not stop after selecting the right grass type. There are some more basic issues that you have to deal with and they are: watering and thatch removal. Let us start with the former.

What’s the average annual rainfall you receive in your locality? During the dry seasons, installing an irrigation system could be crucial for growing grass successfully. However, in the Pacific Northwest, it’s quite understandable that most homeowners let Mother Nature do all the watering job. One way or another, your lawn must have sufficient water and on a consistent schedule if you are to have the lush, green lawn you’ve always desired. If the neighbors you envy water their lawns with irrigation systems, and you are not, then you’re missing out on something crucial. In addition to the watering, you must also ensure that your grass is not suffering from the problem of lawn thatch. Thatch removal is crucial because a layer of thatch covers unwanted pests as well as prevents water from getting to the grass roots.

Lawn Weed Control

As mentioned earlier, the key to a green lawn lies in providing adequate nutrition, practicing proper weed control, and sticking to a good mowing routine. Since you could apply fertilizers and remove weeds at the same time, we shall first look at the two then delve into mowing. We probably all know that we must fertilize the houseplants on the window sills or tomato plants in our small gardens hence we could easily ignore the need to spread fertilizer over the yard.

The best way to feed your lawn is to apply some slow-release fertilizer, which could be purchased at your nearest home improvement store. With such fertilizers, you are basically extending your grass’s feeding period and you’ll be less likely to burn your lawn grass. And if you like cutting down on the yard work, the application of fertilizer could go hand-in-glove with weed control. As the grass absorbs the nutrients spread on it, its root system expands and starts covering the bare spots. Weed seeds often count on the bare spots to grow and removing these spots means that you are hitting the weeds where it hurts most. Ideally, all thanks to prompt fertilizing and consistent maintenance efforts, you will reach a point where your grass will be so healthy that it chokes out most of the weeds.

If you’ve always dreamt of a low-care yard, here is some good news for you. There are lawn fertilizers that do not only provide your grass with nutrients but also enhance common weed control simultaneously. These are often referred to as weed and feed products, a combination that makes lots of sense when you come to think about it. After all, effective weed control should be accompanied by the application of fertilizer. This is because if weeds take up some of the nutrients being fed to the grass, the nutrients are essentially going to waste.

Proper Mowing

Would it catch you by surprise to know that your reasons for mowing that lawn (and doing the job perfectly) go beyond impressing your neighbors with a clean-cut look? Proper mowing is bound to promote good lawn health as well as give you a lush, green lawn. And when it comes to mowing, a mulching mower can be a good investment. This type of mower will not only reduce your yard maintenance costs but also make your yard grass greener. Otherwise, you might end up either bagging or raking the grass chippings, which means you will need to recycle or dispose them later, which is all extra work.

Now the question remains, how short should you trim your grass? With regards to mowing, the rule of thumb is to mow when the grass is dry and when it is 3-4 inches tall. Additionally, you should never remove more than a third of the leaf surface at any instance. The importance of adhering to this mowing tip is that some of the valuable nutrients in your grass clippings could be of great benefit to your lawn when left in the yard.

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