Tips To Choose Best Glass Shower Door For Your Bathroom

Tips To Choose Best Glass Shower Door For Your Bathroom

Looking for glass shower doors for your bathroom, but don’t know how to select one? Well, you don’t need to worry, it’s a simple task for which you just need to put some criteria into consideration. Glass shower doors are quite popular amongst the people as they are modern, stylish yet practical. These doors are in different forms in terms of clear, translucent, opaque or patterned which admits lights into the enclosure and are easy to clean. These glass shower doors even makes your bathroom look more spacious.

Glass shower doors offers a wide range of benefits while making your bathroom look stylish and trendy. Here’s what you need to know in order to choose that best glass shower door for your bathroom:

Different Types Of Door

There are different types of doors available that offers you a wide range to choose from. As not every shower door is same, you need to know about the different types of doors and its characteristics. There are large variety of designs and styles in the market, you can choose from and select the best option for you. The different types are described below:

Sliding glass door– These doors are quite popular in corner stand-alone showers. The design of these showers entails two of three glass panels that slide past each other on tracks that are situated at the top and bottom of the unit.

Pivot doors- Pivot door are also named and known as swing open doors. They are mounted to swing both in and out, from a single side, according to the layout of the bathroom.

Round doors- These doors are usually used on corner showers and are curved in shape. They open inwards and because of their shape makes bathroom look larger.

Framed and Frameless Doors- The shower doors that have have frames are usually made up of composite materials. Frameless showers are easier to clean and more expensive than framed doors.

Different Types Of Glass

Shower doors are made of glass, obviously but there are different types of glasses available varying in size, style and design. The main thing is the glass should be a tempered one as they are stronger than the normal, standard ones. The different varieties of doors are as described below-

Clear glass is quite popular and as it is transparent, it let the light pass through them in the bathroom. They are often found in traditional showers.

Frosted glass has a soft and smooth appearance and is mainly used for privacy purpose. They are available in different colours and designs.

Rain glass shower door is best for privacy as they are textured from one side. It is also helpful in obscuring watermarks and fingerprints.

Tinted glass is slightly opaque and dark as well. It is available in variety of colours as in bronze, gray or black.

Hammered glass have indentations on one side, which are meant to resemble hammered material, hence the name. It has texture that allows light to create interesting visual effects.

Select The Hardware

There are different styles and designs in terms of matte nickel, chrome or oiled bronze for the frames and hardwares. You can select the best option on the basis of the other hardwares present in your bathroom so that they could match or complement the accessories.


You need to have a professional do the measurements in terms of height and width of the opening carefully. Whether you are planning on replacing or getting brand new ones, it is an important task to be performed accurately. The measurement should be done precisely and accordingly the door option have to be selected.

By following these tips you can make the decision of the best glass shower door for your bathroom.

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