Tips To Decorate Your Living Room

Have you bought a luxury flat in Bhowanipore? Then you must be planning to decorate all your rooms with due care, especially the living room as it is always the first room to be noticed. If this is the case, then you must be looking for a secret rulebook to decorate your living room. To be precise, there are no hard and fast rules to follow to beautify your room. No wonder, there are a number of creative ideas and techniques available in the market in the form of blogs, articles and so on. However, it is absolutely your decision to choose the one that suits you the best and caters to all your requirements.

Every person loves to dream, imagine and explore by following his or her intuitions. There are some ideas, which can guide you to embellish your living room with care. None of these ideas are different skills or tricks, which will take you years to master. Anyone and everyone can do them right from the first day itself. So, consider the following points to be the foundation for creating your creative, quirky and rule-breaking intuition.

Choose a Paint Colour that Lasts

Several homeowners have a tendency to pick a perfect paint colour right before they move into their new homes. This is not at all a good deal if you are looking forward to making your living room look good.

There are in fact, numerous paint colours with various tones, shades and tints. You will even find each one looks diverse from one home to another. The reason behind this is nothing but the light sources differ, depending on the looks of the home. So, if you want the colour that complements your artwork, upholstery, rug and other things, then choose the colour after your stuff is inside your room.

Make Your Furniture Breathe

Try resisting overcrowding your living room. Maintain a gracious living, so that the furniture has enough room to breathe. If you have a tight budget this idea will work like magic. In order to fill up the spaces in your living room avoid overcrowding it with furniture. Instead, spend some more on your budget and find better quality pieces for the living room. For example, you can choose the high-backed chairs for your living room and get a spaced-out and refreshed look.

Tips To Decorate Your Living Room

Hang the Artwork at a Height

Galleries of artwork must be hanged at the midline of the wall, maintaining approximately 57-60 inches space above from the floor. If you find the ceiling of your living room quite high then hang the art accordingly. However, make sure it should be placed properly so that the entire look is not disturbed.

You can even take a picture for a better judgement. You never know what a picture can reveal. You take either a printout or Photoshop the image. This will automatically give you a proper sense of how smaller or larger the piece of artwork is and how the same can be implemented on the vacant spot.

Hope, these tips will help you decorate your living room and make your residential flat stand out from the other luxury flats in Bhowanipore.

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