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Top 3 Popular Cars Of The Year 2014

Cars are one of the most expensive yet valuable assets that a person buys in his life. Previously, public transport was very common. People used to travel by bus or train to the desired place but in recent times, everyone has a car in his house. Even today, buying a car reveals the wealth of a person. There are many who prefer to buy a car for going for a trip with the family. In such case, large family cars are the best choice. There are also many who buy vehicles for a luxury drive; the sedans are the perfect option to reveal the luxury. Some of the adventure seeking people take their SUVs out and go for a long adventure journey. Thus, different cars are suitable for serving various purposes.

The performance of the cars depends upon the working on the engine and battery. Many reputed automobile brands have manufactured unique range of cars this year. Most of the models of this year are very famous among people of every age group. Let us have a look at the popular cars of the year 2014.

1. Audi A3

Audi is German company, and it goes by some of the latest and advanced trends of vehicles. This brand is well-known for constantly delivering high-performance cars for the youth. People envy those who drive in Audi cars. The inventories of this company are appreciable and famous. One of the latest car models is the Audi A3. It is a smart-looking vehicle and provides total thrill while driving. It is one of the luxurious cars that this brand has manufactured. The seats are comfortable and the safety measures are good. It is a large sedan type of car and can accommodate 4 to 5 people.

Top 3 Popular Cars Of The Year 2014

The exterior is beautifully designed in style. The exterior feature of this car cannot be compared with other cars. When you drive this vehicle, it will surely catch the eyes of the passerby and make them envious. The headlight collection and their alignment on the surface make this vehicle more attractive. The exterior features give this popular vehicle an elegant and classic look. This car is available in various colors like black, metallic brown, silver and many more other colors. The engine is of high performance and has 4 Inline cylinders with 1.8 lit capacities. Some of the safety features are dual front side-mounted airbags, stability control, traction control, three rear headrests, rear door child safe locks and many other features.

2. Mercedes Benz A-Class

The Mercedes models are one of the ruling vehicles on the road. This car is a large version of the older models. The exterior design is quite sleek and stylish. This car reveals luxury and class and the youth prefers to drive this vehicle. The interior and exterior are designed so beautifully that it will surely attract the attention of all. The strong Euro NCAP crash tests proved that this car is quite safe for the occupants. This car has six airbags that protect the occupants at the time of accidents. The interior of this vehicle is quite spacious and provides comfort to the people who are sitting inside. The engine is also powerful and thus enhances the driving performance.

Top 3 Popular Cars Of The Year 2014

3. Subaru GT86

It is one of the outstanding cars and very comfortable while going out for fun. This rear-wheel drive vehicle is a product of two companies, the Toyota, and Subaru. The headlights, engine, battery, and exterior features make this car very popular. It has 17 inch alloy-wheels, and the dashboard is equipped with warning lights. The brake system is firm and strong. The two lit 197bhp engines make this car powerful.

Top 3 Popular Cars Of The Year 2014

This a small list of vehicles that are very popular in this year. The headlight collection, the safety measures, powerful engines and the comfort zones made them quite renowned. The high Performance Car Lights are very effective when you are driving in dark.

Author’s bio: Simon Hope is a car manufacturer and also writes articles on various car parts and op models. He suggests that high Performance Car Lights are necessary while driving in dark nights.

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