Top 4 Methods Of Carpet Cleaning Used By Professionals

If you are so meticulous about choosing the best carpet cleaning company for your carpets then why not do the same while going with the cleaning method too. For doing that, it is important to understand the different types of cleaning methods that are used by companies, as one thing is for sure not all the methods are going to be the best for your carpet. The choice of the right method is dependent upon the type of carpet that you have along with the right kind of cleaning service that you need.

Here are the top four popular method that are used for the cleaning of carpets

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Popularly known as steam cleaning, this method utilizes the power of hot water at high pressure which agitates the fiber of the carpet, so as to extract dirt and dust from its core. In this method, the workers use cleaning agents on the surface and then rinse it off with the help of hot water with a high pressure. However, the cleaning agent is left on the carpet for certain period of time, so that it evenly works across the carpet and then gets washed with the help of rinse equipment. And at last the carpet is left to dry with the help of dryers or at air conditioned room.

Encapsulation with Cleaners

Foam encapsulation on the carpet is done with the help of highly alkaline cleaners like detergents that tends to crystallize when the moisture dries. These crystals manage to loosen out the dust particles that are trapped inside the fiber of the carpet and thus both the crystals of detergent and dirt come out when vacuumed or brushed using a fine carpet cleaning brush.  This method is widely used for the cleaning of commercial carpets as it needs less amount of water and can be carried out in a hassle free manner.

Bonnet Cleaning

This one of those cleaning methods that holds several processes and hence is carried on those carpets that have heavy fiber. In this process motorized equipment with a spinning mopping pad gets immersed completely inside the cleaning solution, so as to absorb every bit of dirt present in the carpet. This is a popular solution because it can give your carpet a quick fix solution and thus can even help in carpet repair Atlanta using hassle free techniques.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This form of carpet cleaning is even known as compound carpet cleaning which is widely appreciated for its effective cleaning performance. In this method, cleaning compounds and powders are used directly on the carpet and then left on it. These compounds help in carpet repair and clean the carpet through their dust cleaning abilities. Later when you vacuum the carpet then the powder removes the traces of dirt and dust too.

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