Top 5 Makeovers Of The Year Home Improvement

Change always gives a feel good factor anytime and every time and there are some ways or the other you feel to do something to your house to give a new look. Moreover all the cities are in full swing of real estate development and upcoming projects in Chennai or in your city. Though it is not feasible to change the house every time, but yeah…certain alteration can give a new look to accentuate the spirit of your life.

You have two options to go for the makeover; either goes and appoints an interior designer and spends a fortune or you have the following DIY option.

Kitchen & Washroom

Kitchen and washroom are undoubtedly the most fascinated part of the house. Living in extravagance gets reflected by these two places which can be designed and re-designed yet not burning a hole in your pocket. For kitchen, installing a modular one with multipurpose cabinet and a lighting arrangement also to add on the effects.

For Bathroom, you have the option to tile it up along with a sleek shower cabinet along with a tub, as well as wash basin and upgrading it with a western commode. If you still have a budget to splurge, you may look for sleek fittings for taps and yes…if you are not having a geyser yet, installing one will be a great idea.


A lot can be done to enhance the look of the room. First of all, don’t over clutter it with heavy wall hanging. It not only takes up the space on the wall, but also, makes the room look small. Pick a bed which complements the room…if you are fetish about the furniture, a sleek one would let you have more space in the room. You may give a thought for one attached with the wall if the space provides that opportunity, since wall cupboards are more convenient and takes less space.

Paint Coat

There are lots to be done as far as the rooms are concerned. Paint coat on the first instance provides an instant shine to the room. You can have pick a soothing color and do some experiments with it, by mixing and giving it a silhouette feel. Either you may try your hand on the same or may appoint someone who is a pro in this.

Fixes and Repairs

Damps and cracks are the wicked giants make your house look ugly. Ensure that all the fixes and repairs are done at the onset only, since later on they create more troubles. So fix it if there is any.

Windows and Doors

Windows are doors are the ones which create the first impression and first impression is always the second one. A little touch up can do wonders and change the look and feel. Windows and doors can also be complemented by fancy curtains. Even new residential projects in Ahmedabad as well as everywhere also focus on this minute stuff

After the makeover, to have a feedback on the same you can always invite friends over a coffee and flaunt the new look and enjoy the compliments…What’s say.

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