Top 5 Myths About Carpet Cleaning Busted

Take a quick look around Richardson, Texas, and you will surely find lots of carpet cleaning companies offering their services. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths on carpet cleaning in Richardson floating here and there that makes it difficult to identify the truth from simple misconceptions.

As far as carpets are concerned, it is never advisable to rely on faulty information. The use of the wrong processes and tools can damage your carpets permanently and ruin their look in a matter of seconds. Since carpets are essential investments that add more value to rooms, make the floorings more comfortable and enhance interior design and style, it is the perfect time to debunk all the myths on carpet cleaning in Richardson.

Myth #1: Carpets are being cleaned just for the purpose of removing dirt.

Truth: Outdoor air is an accumulation of bacteria, pollens, fungus, car exhaust and millions of other pollutants. The moment you and other members of your family enter your house, you carry all these pollutants with you. The bacteria, chemicals, and pollens fall on the carpets, thanks to gravity. If you suffer from breathing issues or you have allergies, fungus and pollens caught in the carpets could be a major cause of serious problems. Aside from dirt, another important reason for cleaning your carpets is to get rid of any tobacco residue. If you are sensitive to cigarette smoke, you can breathe easier if you eliminate all these harsh pollutants.

Myth #2: You can wait as long as you can before you clean your carpets.

Truth: Dirt is as abrasive as sandpaper. The moment you step on your carpet, you only grind the dirt further into its fibers. These can wear the carpet down sooner. Also, dirty carpets will not last for as long as clean ones. While vacuuming can help a lot, it is never enough. Don’t wait longer and end up damaging your carpets.

Myth #3: Carpet cleaning is a replacement of regular vacuuming.

Truth: Carpet cleaning in Richardson helps in deep cleaning. There is no way that you can get rid of all the nuisance through vacuuming alone. With regular cleaning, you can clean up dirt, pet hair, crumbs and other debris. Meanwhile, proper vacuuming could help in keeping the carpets cleaner in between the deep cleaning sessions. See to it that you clean your carpets before expert cleaners start their job. This way, loose dirt particles will be eliminated, making it easier for the professionals to complete their job.

Myth #4: Regular cleaning can make the carpet shrink.

Truth: Carpets will never shrink unless you keep them soaking wet. It will shrink if the extremely wet carpet takes a long time before it dries up. You can avoid this problem as professionals in carpet cleaning in Richardson, Texas thoroughly dry the carpets and resist shrinking of the carpets.

Myth #5: Procedures in carpet cleaning are all the same.

Truth: Carpet cleaning processes may all appear the same. But, this is actually far from the truth. There are various kinds of procedures in carpet cleaning you can choose from and each one of them is unique from the other. Always look for someone who can provide top of the line quality service for carpet cleaning in Richardson and knows the right steps needed to handle the job.

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