Top 5 Property Management Software Of 2017

Top 5 Property Management Software Of 2017

Best Property Management Software of 2017

Real estate business has several aspects with multiple levels of complicacies. Property managers and their staff need to take account of day-to-day activities, sales and marketing, leasing, property management, and lots of other stuff. Now, with the help of a top-class, multipurpose, and updated property management software program managing different activities related to real estate and property management have become easier, faster, and accurate. In 2017, the real estate industry has experienced and enjoyed some really efficient software systems which enabled the companies to act and manage everything more proficiently.

Top 5 Property Management Software

Here are top 5 most popular real estate and rental property management software that made a huge impact in this industry:

  1. AppFolio: This is a cloud-based software with multiple of utilities that help the residential property managers manage and market their business in the most updated way. All property related data can be stored here systematically. A property manager can list up all available vacant properties in a systematic way. It further helps to fill up the applications online and helps the buyers to go for a background check. The software can be used for accepting payments, complete a lease agreement, and manage digital signature of the clients.
  2. ResMan: This is an efficient, multipurpose, cloud-based property management software. It provides fundamental solutions for all types of day-to-day activities that take place in any property management company. Payment systems, transaction management, lead management, property marketing, financial reporting, etc. all can be accomplished from this software platform.
  3. Buildium: This is a web-based property management system with several advantages for the users. This helps the users in making the property management more effective and timely. The major aspects of real estate business such as availability of vacant property, tenancy, and maintenance systems can be efficiently managed with this software. It can update important activities such as rental agreements, tenancy tracking, account maintenance, key reminders, etc.
  4. Yardi Voyager: This is a browser-based property management software program that is fully integrated for multi-tasking. Users can use this software system for payment processing, transaction management, rent tracking, vacancy tracking, late fee calculation, maintenance management, lease management, insurance management, and many other related activities. The software can further be used for website management, owner portal development, and tenancy portal development.
  5. Corrigo: This is a popular cloud-based multi-property management software with staff management and different types of property management features. They have different sub-categories of property management features like hospitality property, real estate property, park and recreation property, rental property, and self-storage property. These specialized sub-categories help in better and more efficient property management in each sub-category.

Application of any of these top 5 property management software including rental property management software has some special benefits. The users can retrieve data from anywhere anytime that makes the work process extremely flexible for the managers. These software systems help in efficient teamwork in the offices, help in coordinating and offering updated services to the clients, and help in taking quick action in any matter related to the business. Above all, with the increased process efficiency recurring expenses in many aspects reduce and client base increases remarkably.

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