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Top 5 Uses for Neon Signs

Neon signs have become hugely popular for use in interior design across a number of environments, lighting up spaces and creating a cool vibe even against simple and minimal décor. Despite neon signs have been around for decades, they are now being used in a much more purposeful way, whether it’s to spruce up your kitchen or to create a photo opportunity for an otherwise normal bar.

So, what are the most popular uses for neon in the modern day and age? What could industries benefit from adding a neon sign to their interior design? Here is some inspiration for the top uses for neon.

Bars and restaurants

Neon signs have become more prevalent in bars and restaurants as they add a great visual effect. Whether it’s above the bar, placed on an empty wall or even created to point in the direction of the ladies’ room, they make a huge impact when you walk in. Thanks to the bright neon colors, it can really light up space and set you apart from everyone else.

Whether it’s a symbol for people to take pictures in front of, a musical quote or even your own branding lit up, it makes a statement. Creating a backdrop for your diners and drinkers, watch your neon sign appear all over social media as visitors share pictures and check-ins at your place.

If your neon sign is visible from the outside, you might even find it can attract more customers too.

Office space

Just because it’s a place of work, your office space doesn’t necessarily need to look corporate and formal. Adding a neon sign to your office can completely transform its appearance, creating a cool environment for your staff. You might even find it motivates them a little more as they revel in their exciting surroundings. After all, there’s nothing worse than blank walls in an office.

A neon sign for your office can also provide the opportunity to add some branding to your workplace; your sign could represent anything from your logo to an inspirational slogan.

Retail stores

If you own a retail store, you’d be forgiven for thinking that your clothes should do enough talking for your brand. While this is probably true, there’s no harm in giving your store a bit of a boost in terms of visuals.

Adding a neon sign to the back wall of your shop, or in the window display, could bring more footfall to your store which should hopefully convert into sales. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an independent boutique or a national retailer, adding a neon sign to your décor is a cost-effective way of improving the appearance of your physical store.

Whether you want to add a cool vibe to the interior or help your display stand out, neon is a very interesting choice.


To create an even more memorable day, use a neon sign for your wedding reception as part of the room decoration. Choose personalized script including ‘Mr & Mrs’, your initials or the date for a memento you can take home with you.

Neon signs for weddings are a contemporary way of lighting up your special day, and even creating a great photo opportunity too. Design your own sign with your other half to make sure it’s a personal piece that you can cherish and even put up in your home afterward. Adding that extra special touch, it might just bring everything together perfectly.

In your home

What better use for an eye-catching neon sign than in your home? Make it personal for your family or choose a symbol that represents home, or simply just choose popular quotes such as ‘home sweet home’. It can completely transform your interior design and add statement lighting to a room.

Neon signs work perfectly in your bedroom, kitchen or living room. Choose a personalized design depending on the room and put your own stamp on the house. Choosing a neon sign for use in your home can add some color and warmth, bringing a completely unique element to space.

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