Top 6 Tungsten Wedding Band Designs for Men

There are many designs for tungsten wedding bands. Once you decide that you wish to wear a tungsten wedding band, the next challenge will be choosing the preferred wedding band design. Jewelers have come up with exquisite designs for wedding bands and you will have to choose from one of the designs listed below.

The designs include:

  1. Wood tungsten wedding bands

Thanks to the creative and innovative jewelry minds around, some of the most unique wedding band designs have wood incorporated into the tungsten wedding bands creating the best looking weddings.

Exotic wood is used as an inlay in the tungsten wedding bands and the colors of the wood inlays used vary, meaning that you get to choose the color that will work best for you during and after the wedding.

  1. Black tungsten wedding bands

Tungsten wedding bands are either grey or black. If you’re looking for a masculine wedding band with dark tones, then this is the best option for you. You may also choose a two-tone wedding band with the grey and black tones.

These versatile wedding bands can also have additional effect on them like polishing, brushing or beveling. You should also note that you can have a black tungsten wedding band with unique metallic or a wooden inlay.

  1. Inlay tungsten wedding band

The most prevalent and the trendiest wedding band designs for men include the incorporation of inlays. The Tungsten website has several attractive designs of wedding bands and you can select any one of the many inlay designs.

Some of the common tungsten wedding band inlays include the carbon fiber inlay, wood inlays, and gold, silver, or steel inlays on tungsten wedding bands. Notably, this will increase the cost of the wedding bands, but all that cost is worthwhile.

  1. Wide tungsten wedding bands

You’ve probably seen a number of your friends wearing wide tungsten wedding bands and you are looking for something different. Rather than looking for another thin and boring wedding band, why not try the wide wedding bands designed in masculine tones?

Get the wider wedding bands, but also keep in mind the shape and the size of your fingers to avoid an exaggerated or awkward look on your finger.

  1. Brushed tungsten wedding bands

The finish of a wedding band plays an important role in determining if it will be bought or not. Most men shy away from bright and highly polished wedding bands. The best way to get a man the wedding band of their dream is to incorporate a brushed finish to the wedding band. Brushing makes the wedding band more masculine and therefore more desirable to men. It is also easy to find a couple that gets matching brushed tungsten wedding bands.

  1. Polished wedding bands

Even though a majority of men prefer less shiny jewelry, there are some who are fond of polished wedding bands. If you are in this category, you aren’t left out and you can get your polished wedding band for your big day.

In conclusion, the best wedding band is one that brings out your personality in the best possible way. The designs mentioned above will match unique personalities and the variety means that there is something for everyone.

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