Top Green Home Building Tips That Everyone Should Know

Top Green Home Building Tips That Everyone Should Know

As we all know, Green Buildings is a concept which came into existence years ago but the technology wise advancement continues to move on efficiently. All of us are becoming more environmentally active and aware day by day. One of the main reason behind that is the rapid deterioration of the earth’s climate due to the hazardous factors like global warming and pollution.

So, you must be also in the verge of changing your home from a discharge releasing powerhouse into more of a green house, right? Well, we all are also in the same race. You can save energy to a huge extent and engage into a positive atmosphere through this act.

According to Angus Reed, an extremely established authority on green and sustainable development in real estate, you should particularly consider the following points while constructing your home using the energy efficient technology.

So, you can go ahead and read the Angus Reed bio to know more about his expertise and knowledge.

The valuable deeds that he thinks you should do while building a green home are:

  • Keep it small

When you’ll build a small home with lucrative eco-friendly techniques, then you’re going to create a lesser environmental impact when compared to large homes. When your house is too large it is going to cost you more for heating and cooling.

  • Go for energy efficient equipment

When you’re going to buy gadgets and tools for the construction of your home then make sure you’ve an energy star label on the piece of equipment. It signifies that the particular product is hallmarked by the Environmental Protection Agency. Energy Star implements are very well-known among the customers and people are having a firm belief on these as construction materials.

  • Maintain a proper Insulation

Now that you want to build a green home, Insulation is one such factor which you should take care off. The rooms should be properly insulated. The total energy consumption of your home has its 50% from heating and cooling. Various air leaks like windows, duct works and door openings cause total building’s heat loss. You shouldn’t allow the air which comes from heating and cooling of your interior spaces to go out without proper insulation. Maintaining a proper insulation is necessary to reduce your home’s energy consumption and that will even make your electricity bill to go down by a remarkable number of dollars.

  • Choose the correct location

While building a green home make sure you take a lot of care about where you’re building the home. Firstly, you shouldn’t build west facing homes. This will be a smart move because it’ll certainly keep your home less exposed to the sun. Secondly, you shouldn’t build your homes in earthquake, flood, drought or storm prone areas. And instead, should be built in the areas where there is a pleasant weather. This will make the required moisture, air, light to enter your home.

  • The ultimate mantra: reduce, reuse and recycle

You should reduce bringing too much of new products, tools and appliances which are not environment-friendly. And reuse the old stuff like wood logs, old windows, doors etc. while building your next home. You can even use recycled tiles, aluminum, glass, lumber, plastic etc. while constructing your green home.

  • Solar panels are must

Using the solar power in your home is a smart idea, isn’t it? It is the cleanest source of energy. By installing solar panels you can utilize the natural power of the sun. But, you should be conscious about the position of the panels in your home. The way you’ve constructed the solar panels will determine how much power you can collect. By using solar power you can reduce the energy consumption and can add-on excess energy.

So, If you’re planning to start building your own house then you must follow these interesting facts and give your noble contribution towards saving our green planet.

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