Travel Junkies’ World’s Best Companion Apps

In mechanical world travelling without the help of these apps seems somewhat difficult and slow. These apps transform your boring trip into a faster, smarter and cheaper tour.

1. Hopper

Hopper is one of the top rated apps for predicting obvious time to snag a perfect flight deal. The method of working of this app is to by analyzing and comparing thousands of airfares updated in the market daily. Hopper pick up that sneak peak moments when the prices relatively drops down below its average rate. The specially designed color coded calendar will be more effective in choosing cheaper tickets for those customers having flexible schedule.

Travel Junkies’ World’s Best Companion Apps

2. TripAdvisor

Millions of users update their ranking regularly on TripAdvisor for ranking cities’ best restaurants, hotels, sights and bars etc. These user’s experience reviews, comments and rating make this app very handy and authentic for advising other travel lovers. Along with the large search results of major attraction of the cities, trip adviser also offers a great deal for a standalone circumstances, named as Offline City Guides app. It covers more than 80 famous destinations which you can also download in your gadget and use it later when needed.

Travel Junkies’ World’s Best Companion Apps

3. Airbnb

The sheer diverse Airbnb‘s list comprising of more than 1,000,000 pages will defiantly creat a tough competition of all other apps designed for hotel booking facilities. The ranges of the facilities provided started from the high level castles to several yurts, vans, watchtowers, apartments, small rooms and even to single sofas for accommodation according to user’s budget.

Special administrative work is required while operating this app for typical hotel booking etc. Providing your authentic identity logistics to your host are the basic requirements for this app.

Travel Junkies’ World’s Best Companion Apps

4. Options Away

Option air way is an app with a unique principal of working. Although not all the forecast comes true. Options Away reserve your flyers insurance for the deal that you missed in past. Only you have to do is to pay some extra money ranging from $5 to $50, according to your demand. In return of this small fee, option air ways lock your ticket for two days up to three weeks from your purchasing date. In this time period if the airfare goes down in market, then automatically you will have to pay less money. And in any case if you the price remain same your ticket is always ready for you.

Travel Junkies’ World’s Best Companion Apps

5. Postagram

Sharing your travel experience, photos, personal postcard, destination picture and being admired is one of the best feelings after a special vacation tour. To make this happen in your social circle go for the choice of Postagram. You can type greetings and this amazing app of Postagram will print out the specially designed card for you.

Travel Junkies’ World’s Best Companion Apps

6. Google Translate

Google as always is the best of all. The app of Google Translate is an amazing app with a hardworking team that recently launched it for international travelers. This is called as “Conversation mode.” Only you have to do is to open the app, just keep mobile in your hand between the people conservation with each other in different language, Google will listen carefully to it and translate this in choice of your language in some seconds.

Travel Junkies’ World’s Best Companion Apps

7. Skype

Traveling internationally and worried due to call roaming and sim card issues? Don’t worry! Skype is always there for you wherever you are. Pay the minimal call charges to Skype, if you don’t have Wi-Fi network connection. It almost costs $.02 for a minute. Calls can only be placed to the people with Skype accounts. The data shows that more than 250 million users are registered to the Skype and calling them is totally free of charge.

Travel Junkies’ World’s Best Companion Apps

8. Gas Buddy

Fetching gas and knowing about the nearest petrol station becomes sometimes difficult and massive too. To keep you away from such an inconvenient situation, Gas Buddy is designed for you. It keeps you informed with cheapest gas filling stations in the area you are moving.

Travel Junkies’ World’s Best Companion Apps

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