Treating Social Anxiety Disorder – Our Advice

Treating Social Anxiety Disorder – Our Advice

Social anxiety disorder is a chronic and debilitating condition suffered by millions throughout the country and severely reduces the quality of life that a sufferer will experience. It often exhibits an overwhelming feeling of being judged and scrutinized in the sufferer and makes even the simple joys of walking down the street a trying task. One way that is being investigated as a viable treatmentis by using certain cannabis strains to reduce feelings of anxiety. But what strains are best for treating the disorder?


First up, we would recommend Cannatonic. If you have never used cannabis before, we would recommend that you select a strain that is relatively low in THC to begin with, until you build up your tolerance. This is what Cannatonic provides. There will not be a powerful psychoactive effect associated with the use of Cannatonic. The way this strain works is to effectively“blunt” the sharp anxiety a Social Anxiety Disorder sufferer will experience in a social situation, and we feel it does this rather well. The strain has been known to increase levels of Terpene Myrcene, which is able to produce the relaxing properties that sufferers crave.

Girl Scout Cookies

 This very girly sounding strain has been an excellent addition to the cannabis space and is particular effective for sufferers of SAD. It has been the recipient of many Cannabis Cup awards, which has certainly boosted its popularity and reputation amongst the cannabis community. This strain has a high concentration of THC, so we would only recommend that you use this strain after you have built up some tolerance to THC. The strain is also commonly used by sufferers of PTSD, as research has found that sufferers of PTSD have a deficiency in THC, which this strain is able to replace.

Strawberry Cough

 If you want a strain that makes you stay alert, but also a strain that doesn’t stimulate your mind to such an extent that it makes you get racing thoughts, Strawberry Cough could be the strain for you.

Strawberry Cough is a Sativa, but it is able to give a user a fine balance between energizing the mind and calming it, which I found to be particularly effective.

For more recommendations on what strain to choose for Social Anxiety Disorder, we would recommend that you discuss your own personal needs with your local dispensary. You can identify your nearest dispensary by using the dispensaries near me tool on

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