Types Of Commercial Cooking Equipment

Types Of Commercial Cooking Equipment

Commercial cooking equipment is different from the equipment that goes into your home kitchen. These equipment are made to satisfy the needs of restaurants and catering services. Commercial catering is a highly profitable field. If you are going for it then a big part of your success will come from the type and quality of the commercial cooking equipment you choose. If you walk into a restaurant that specializes in pasta dishes, you will see a saute station but if you walk into a restaurant that makes a sandwich, you will see a conveyor oven. So, from here, you can easily notice that your equipment choice will be based on what you want to offer. There are as many unique commercial kitchens as there are restaurants.

Braising Pans

These type of pans are also known as tilting-frying or tilting skillets. They are among the most adaptable appliance that can be used in many conditions. Braising pans are used for boiling pasta, frying bacon and braising meat. They are highly versatile which makes it suitable for shifting from one mode of cooking to another mode. Braising pans are equipped with thermostatic controls which makes it an energy efficient appliance. Its rating may be between 6 KW to 18 KW but under normal conditions, it mostly uses only half the power figure because it cycles on and off to maintain a steady temperature.


Fryer is a keystone piece in a commercial kitchen as considered by many. There are many types of fryers in this category. Fryers that will ensure that your potato wedges are as crisp as you want it to be. A lot of commercial kitchens all over the world make regular use of their various deep fryers. Some examples in this category include gas fryer multiple batteries, electric countertop fryers and gas countertop fryers. No doubt, choosing the right fryer is essential in ensuring the success of your business.


Nowadays that most people are becoming more concerned about healthy eating, steamers are making more appearance in various commercial kitchens. Steamers are manufactured in different sizes that why among the important things you should keep in mind is the amount of space you are willing to allocate for it in your kitchen. However, the main thing to consider when making your choice is the quantity of food you wish to be steaming inside the cavity at once. The equipment here includes steamer kettle combination and pressure steamer.


Grills are a healthier option than traditional frying method. This kitchen equipment has already made its way into the fast food chain. Restaurants are adding a grilled version of their fried items and this has proven successful for many. They are of different types too from charbroilers to panini grills.

Commercial catering is surely a highly profitable business. Some basic commercial equipment includes grills, steamers, fryers and braising pans. The success of your business highly relies on your choice of equipment. Ensure that you make the right choice to maximize benefits.

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