Ultimate bucket list ideas

What’s already pencilled into or ticked off your bucket list? Something related to travel, no doubt? Maybe exhausting all that suppressed creative energy into a book or painting? Finally getting to see what you look like with abs? Everyone’s different – so, here, we’ve put together a few bucket list ideas of which almost anybody could see the appeal.

Discover peace of mind

When you’re not reading about ultimate bucket list ideas, what are you thinking about? A lot, right? Modern life can feel like an exhaustive to-do list, daily – leaving you no time for actually tick off the things that matter.

If there’s always something else to do, your mind will never completely switch off. In Hinduism, it is believed that: “You will experience peace when your mind falls completely silent and all desires come to rest.” Essentially, this state of mind can be achieved through practice, by accepting where you are, what you have, and that you’ve done everything you can – and it’s a priceless feeling that everyone should experience from time to time.

Take note of the little coincidences

A great leader once said the words: “I love it when a plan comes together.” Okay, admittedly, this was a fictional character, but the sentiment remains. There are many moments in life whereby everything suddenly falls in place, even if it’s only for a fleeting moment or of little lasting consequence.

Unfortunately, these moments tend to also be instantly forgotten, replaced by the ongoing quest for more wealth and rewards. In a similar vein to ‘stopping to smell the flowers’, recognising these tinier moments for what they are – the culmination of an entire universe briefly falling into place before ones’ eyes – allows us to appreciate more what comes after and what came before.

Celebrate almost everything

You may have noticed a pattern emerging here. This is, in fact, an ultimate bucket list to live by every day; a personal programme for enjoying life as it happens, so you’ll be better prepared for the times when life really happens.

Inevitably, the ‘proverbial’ will still hit the fan from time to time. Your peace of mind will be shattered, and none of the wonderful things that have happened to you will matter for a while. That’s why it’s worth enjoying each moment, occasion and commiseration as much as possible.

So, when you can, rejoice in it all; Friday nights and Monday mornings, personal bests and exhausting slogs, lucky dips and unlikely losses – celebrate wherever possible. Book function rooms in Chester, Newcastle, Durham or wherever you happen to be in the country every time there’s something worth celebrating in your life, or in the life of a loved one.

If you can live by these three simple pieces of advice, your more extensive bucket list will take care of itself. You might never climb Everest, but you’ll conquer spiritual fulfilment, and you may never get round to seeing the world, but you’ll see the world for what it is – incredible, unique and full of wonderful things to celebrate while we’re here.

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