Understanding The Significance Of 4 G In Packing Hazardous Materials

Understanding The Significance Of 4 G In Packing Hazardous Materials

Fiber board boxes also known as card boxes that are used or shipping materials is a common sight. But this humble looking packaging acquires special importance when shipping hazardous items as stipulated by several regulations enforced by the United Nations. It is mandatory for all to use UN 4G boxes for shipping hazardous materials that are packed in small containers like cans, jars and bottles that is not convenient and safe for moving as individual unit, considering the hazardous nature of the material  that it contains.  This is applicable for all kinds of shipments that are moved by air, water or land and across any part of the world. UN 4 GV is another variant of the same kind of boxes but it is used for packing containers of hazardous materials that can be moved individually as a unit without combining it with any other similar container.

The significance of 4 G

With the advent of 4G systems in telecommunication  where 4 G signifies fourth generation it is important to know the significance of using 4G labeled on packaging that is used for shipping hazardous materials also known as dangerous goods.  Boxes that are marked 4G imply that it contains hazardous materials inside.  The purpose of marking is to alert people about the contents of the box so that adequate care is taken in handling it.

It is not the box alone

UN 4G boxes are often considered as packing boxes suitable for packing hazardous goods. In reality, it is a packaging system of which the cardboard or fiber board box is a part. The certification covers all other items that are included in the packaging system, like the containers, jars or bottles that are kept inside the fiber board boxes.  4G is a standard that has been set by the UN and by using the stipulated boxes duly labeled; one is certifying that the entire packaging system is compliant with the law. Since there are multiple components used in packaging, this type of packaging is also known as combination packaging.

Containment function

What is the purpose of being so alert and sensitive to hazardous materials?  It is only because the materials can cause harm to life and the environment if it is allowed to be exposed.  The principle of containment has been effectively used in UN 4G boxes that have the sole purpose of preventing the materials from escaping outside the fiber board boxes. All such boxes adhere to a specific design and are manufactured in accordance to the laid down specifications that are finally approved by a competent authority of the country.

Parameters for box selection

It is important to use the right type of packing boxes for which it is necessary to know the correct name of the goods or its corresponding UN No, the weight and size of the inner packing that contains the material and the quantity that is being shipped. This information is then matched with the relevant UN specification marking to decide on the type of packaging that is suitable.

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