Understanding The Twisted Hairs Of The Turtle Island

Understanding The Twisted Hairs Of The Turtle Island

Wisdom and knowledge helps man to lead a meaningful and happy life however there are a few genuine spiritual groups that provide the essence of this knowledge to people. The secrets to a good life is that you must abide by the laws of nature in order to be happy. It is crucial for you as a person to be in tune with nature and yourself. You must understand that your mind will give you pretentious voices that often will make you miserable and suffer. This is why some spiritual and healing groups that have come together to help people realize what true knowledge and wisdom is so that they can lead happy and blissful lives.

The Twisted Hairs Of The Turtle Island

The Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer is a healing and spiritual group that is helping people from across the world understand the true knowledge that will give them happiness and bliss. There are many ancient tales where the hair of people means knowledge and Twisted Hairs means knowledge from many people. There are several sources from where this knowledge arises and is woven together creating a unique concept called the “

“braids of truth”.

Understanding the Natural Laws of the Earth

With the passage of time the above braids are tested. The ones that are in alignment with the natural laws are kept and later added to the growing well of wisdom and knowledge. The knowledge and wisdom that does not uphold the ancient natural laws are discarded. This is a constant journey towards enlightenment.

It was created in 1250 B.C and known as The Rattlesnake School of Turtle Island. The group today has many medicine women and men, magicians, shamans and sorcerers. They are from tribes across America and they have traveled and gone beyond their tribal boundaries to impart ancient knowledge and wisdom. Today they are high examples and levels of knowledge and wisdom. Turtle Island is also known as one of the Eight Great Powers- this is one of the most extensive seats of wisdom and knowledge on the Earth.

Sharing the Knowledge with Everyone

The elders state that is the past it was essential for these magical schools to take their teachings and wisdom underground for protection and safe-keeping. This was primarily for the sake of keeping this knowledge and wisdom away from people who were ready to misuse them for domination and power.

However, with the passage of time more and more people were ready for the wisdom so they were released in the form of The Wheels and Keys of the Sweet Medicine Sun Dance for those who were interested for the sake of personal growth and enlightenment. This is where the Council decided to give this responsibility to the Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer Group for the sake of knowledge and wisdom. People are coming to this Group for the sacred wisdom and knowledge for a better and meaningful life. They are happy as they have discovered the meaning of life with success!

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