Up Your Easter Game With A Scavenger Egg Hunt

Up Your Easter Game With A Scavenger Egg Hunt

The Amazing Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Everyone love the Easter eggs hunt. That’s why it has been such an amazing tradition for so many families over the years. There is just something incredibly fun about taking those little plastic eggs and finding the best places to hide them throughout the yard. This game can be even more fun when you take it up a notch or two. You can take the foraging spirit and turn it into a sensational scavenger hunt. You will have a lot of fun creating the cleverest of clues. You can even specifically design how hard you are going to make your search so it will work for any age group of hunters. Your group will have a lot of fun for Easter and you will enjoy watching them on their treasure hunt.

The Cleverest of Clues and the Little Plastic Eggs

You can have a sensational time dreaming up clever and enticing clues for your treasure hunt. You may even find you have as much fun figuring out your clues as you would following them. Take your traditional Easter egg hunt and add a twist that is both creative and unique. A scavenger hunt is unusual, loads of fun and the perfect game for a delightful Easter. All you need to begin are some of those little plastic Easter eggs and your amazing imagination. First start thinking about the types of clues you want to use. Use your creativity, your sense of humor, your imagination and your knowledge of the group who will be trying to figure out your clues. Make your clues challenging but not too hard. The scavenger hunt would not be any fun if nobody could find the eggs. Now take as many plastic eggs as you like and start filling them with your wonderful clues. Each clue should lead to the next egg.

The Special Treasures

To make certain your hunters stay excited and eager add little treats and treasures along with the clues you placed in the eggs. You can use all different types of candy, coins and even little toys. Use your imagination and the possibilities are nearly endless. You can play this game with adults too. Instead of little toys try using keychains, small Easter ornaments or costume jewelry.

The Grand Finale

The grand finale should be something sensational. Your last clue can lead right to a huge Easter basket filled with delightful and fun surprises. You can never go wrong with toys and candy but you can take it beyond the ordinary. Add some DIY crafts to entertain the kids and ensure they stay happy and busy. This adds the bonus of keeping the game from ending. If adults are participating in your scavenger hunt change your game. Make your clues much more challenging so the adults really have to think. Fill your final basket with funny gifts, adult treats, pastries, the ingredients to make a sinful cocktail, cocktail glasses or whatever thoughts enter your creative imagination. Just relax, have fun and enjoy the hunt.

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