Use Alternative Dispute Resolutions To Solve Problems

Very often you might come across situations when you enter into a dispute with the traders. You might not be satisfied with the services of the company or the products might not be in accordance to what you expected. Further, in spite of your complaints, if the trader takes no strict action, you might be thinking of taking it to the court.

Now, before you do that, first of all, understand if you are ready for the court hassle. Why not look for an alternative? You can then meet up an independent company that works to resolves such disputes keeping in mind the considerations of both the parties. Such a system of coping up with disputes refers to the Alternative Dispute Resolutions or the ADR.

You need to understand what all you will be offered to choose from. Here is a detailed description of the various types of dispute resolution.

Conciliation and Mediation

This sums up two aspects. Conciliation serves to try to understand the needs of both the parties and eventually come up with a solution that suits both of them. It basically works on the sentiments of the parties. Mediation, however, works more on the problem and come with a suitable solution.

The above two methods might be used by the trader as well. Thus, you might not get a one sided view. The mediator will talk to both the parties’ independently without any bias.

He will ask you certain questions in order to understand the problem even better. He goes into the depth of the problem and comes up with the best possible solution.


This method uses an independent arbitrator to make a decision which is made according to the written evidence. The decision made by him will be legally binding. Even if you do not like the decision, you will have to follow it. Not even the court can help you later. However, this method of dispute resolutions Vienna is cheaper and easier than going to a court.


This method differs from the previous one in the sense that it is somehow less formal. The adjudicator will look at the written complaints and evidence from both the parties and then decide toward a solution. He is an expert in this area. However, you can always take your matter to court, if you are not satisfied.

The Mediation is by far the best way because it helps you to give vent to your feelings. The person can then understand your plight better.

The disputes can be over a wide variety of matters. It can be over agency issues, organizational defects, copyright matters, or financial problems.

No matter what the problem is, the alternative dispute resolution will be a great help to you.  Vienna based Konrad & Partners are a known name in this area. With their comprehensive legal service, international investors, personal attention to the clients and experienced professionals, they will give you an unbiased judgment and a great customer satisfaction.

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