Use Stones For Creating Excellent Landscape Design

With touch of stones, you can create an attractive outdoor space with showers, fire pits, paths as well as patios. Stones can really add glamour in your garden with their various colors, textures, and shapes.

Attractive Steps: You can use stones on steps or on both sides of the path to create an excellent visual interest. It provides you with a focal point in a mix and match pattern with terraced stones. You can decorate your stony path by planting various trees around it on both sides. Gingko tree can serve the best in this case.

Curb Appeal in Low Budget: When you are creating a striking path, you might grow heat tolerant plants around them. Pavers can occupy most of the spaces where thirsty grasses may grow instead of that. Heat tolerant plants can help to save your resources in the long run.

Rock Garden Layout: You can play around with different ideas in your rock garden layout by using different elements.  Try merging your pathways with plants and stony pathways.

Pebble Levels: A single layered rock garden can be perfect in itself. But you can add variety by creating multi level garden. With the help of pebbles and edging with metals, you can achieve an excellent terraced effect. You can include stairs or can use graveled pathways for moving around the garden. Rock beds can provide attractive borders in your garden and can provide a magnificent look.

Basic Knowledge of Rocks: You must have a basic knowledge about rocks and pebbles. You must know which sizes and types you prefer keeping in your own garden to give it a uniform look. Pebbles can be placed in linear or in circular patterns to add that stony look. You can use rocky borders by filling them up with smooth and dark pebbles. You can contact King Landscape Co, if you require any ideas or tips on designing your landscape with stones.

Color And Size: Rocks can be of different sizes and color. You should wisely choose light and dark pebbles for providing a clear and glassy art rock. So, you can create an extraordinary landscape within the mini garden.

Sculptural Element: You can add rocks in your garden to create a sculptural look. Different rocks can be stacked for creating stony art works. Just try to make big differences with small elements.

Use Different Colors, Textures:  As you know colors can attract human eyes. So, use a wide range of colors and unveil your creativity as much as you can. Your stones can also vary in their textures. Select the type of your stones wisely for adding glamour in your garden.

Ideal Soil Condition: Make sure you have done the research of the soil properly.  You must have the knowledge of ideal soil conditions before you create your landscape designs. Try to plant, your trees, shrubs and flowers in well drained areas and place them in the ideal soil condition.

Natural Elements: Simple natural elements can be used to create showpieces in your yards. Do you have a branch fallen from a tree due to a storm? Just use it to decorate your garden by adding some interesting parts to give it a nice structure in your garden. Have you noticed chunks of stones or stray pebbles just outside your property? Just use them throughout your garden for giving a different look.

Use your creativity and you will definitely come out with several new ideas for landscape designing. For icing on the cake, you can add finishing touches with different colored rocks or pebbles or may use some show pieces bought from craft stores or mineral shops.

Author Bio: Peter Samuel is a well known landscape designer who works in King Landscape Co. In this article, he is providing some best ideas for using stones in your landscape designing.

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