Vaastu Tips Offered by Pallavi Chhelavda For Business Prosperity

Vaastu Tips Offered by Pallavi Chhelavda For Business Prosperity

According to Pallavi Chhelavda a world distinguished Vastu Shatra and Feng Shui Consultant that working in a Vaastu based workplace or business can get great success. How Vaastu plans the best building layout can fetch success and prosperity- here are some tips

Business room layout

In the business corporate building, the business owner’s chamber should be located in the south-west direction. Following Vaastu directives, the desk should be laid in such a way that owner should be facing north. Behind his desk, there should be a solid wall. Window or glass wall are strictly prohibited. His home office should have the same location.

Entranced orientation

The location of the entrance should be from any of the directions like north, northeast and north-west, which brings positive energy. It should be ensured that main entrance door does not open towards an interior wall that restricts the flow of positive energy.

Reception area planning

It is the place where clients and visitors step in and are greeted. This should be prepared positively and with adequate relaxing space. This will put them in an easy and relaxing mood. North or north-east are the suitable directions for reception zone with adequate and comfortable seating arrangements.

Central Hall

A central location of the building brings prosperity and should have maximum space. An in-house gardening nicely decorated with indoor plants boosts the flow of energy and profitability.

Seating arrangement for staffs

As per Pallavi Chhelavda, Vaastu Consultant that workstation zone for the office staffs should be designed in such a way that they face towards north or east which boosts productivity.

Accounts section

Staffs of accounts section do the monetary transactions and look after the finance of the business. Their seat should be located in a south-east direction and they should be facing north or east according to Vaastu guidelines.

Growth of revenue

Financial strength and prosperity are greatly influenced by north-west direction. This is the most favorable area to locate the marketing team as they are responsible for fetching business to increase the revenue of the company. This zone should be freed from negative elements. Accordingly, toilets should not be located in this zone of the office.

Conference  room

For meeting and conference where people gather together to discuss and to take an important decision, the north-west direction is always favorable according to Vaastu philosophy. Therefore, conference room should be located in this area to achieve fruitful business results.

Management of business risk and conflict

To prosper in any business, risk coverage should be minimised. A risk may be due to a delayed work order, delayed payment etc. The northern direction should be freed from any fire source. Kitchen and pantry should not be located in this zone in the building plan.

Use of regularly shaped furniture

Following Vaastu philosophy, avoid irregular-shaped tables at the workstations. Vaastu prefers rectangular or square shaped table.

Smooth cash flow

To achieve smooth cash flow, safe or lockers should be placed in south-west location following Vaastu.

Location of Pooja area

Puja space in the office should be in the north-east direction as per Vaastu directives.

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