Valuable Tips To Consider Before Buying Car Insurance

Today, people do not give much importance to know the facts about car insurance. They find that car insurance as a compulsion. But, if a car owner neglects to do the necessary research, then it can become a costly affair while owning the vehicle. One may have to pay higher premium or after the accident, the taken insurance plan could not cover the damage. To make the process of buying car insurance effective, here are some tips that you can follow-


To choose the best car insurance in India, one has to do good amount of research. The first step involves listing various insurance companies that are operating in your city. In next step, you have to look into various insurance policies offered by the companies. Today, insurance companies post information on various insurance schemes on their websites. This simplifies the process of buying insurance.

Find Insurance Offering Right Amount of Coverage

To find the right car insurance, you have to figure out how much coverage you might need. Most companies offer coverage up to 5 lakhs while others offer up to 10 lakhs with some conditions. You have to calculate the coverage you might need in future considering the car repair costs and medical expenses of today. The money required for the coverage of property damage and personal injury should be the main aspects while finding the coverage you need.

Buying Car Insurance in India

Like health and home insurance, car insurance has quickly gained much popularity in India. Various insurance companies are operating in this field with different auto insurance policies. The insurance policies in India along with being affordable cover the cost of various services. These companies’ offer 24/7 online help, hassle free renewal options, post comprehensive road assistance, and nil depreciation waivers.

Also Look Out For

  • Can you buy and renew insurance online?
  • Number of people that can be insured in the personal accident cover.
  • What is the maximum coverage offered?
  • Does the insurance policy offer additional covers and benefits?
  • Does the insurance policy cover the losses of personal baggage?

Factors Reducing the Insurance Premium

  • Owner of a car with theft detection device has a chance to get discount on the insurance.
  • Owner who wants to insurance two vehicles simultaneously can get discounts. In case, if you have two cars and one of them is old, and you want to sell it, then get insurance for both cars to increase the value of the car.
  • Choose a long term policy. This increases the time of coverage.
  • Keep a comprehensive coverage if the car is left unused for a period of time.
  • When insurance agent asks you about the distance you travel by the car, keep it minimum. Specify the distance according to the mileage offered by your car. Do not reveal greater mileage as the companies consider it as more travel.

Keep all the above tips in mind before buying car insurance.

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