ValueMags Comments on the Taste of Chicago Festival

This past weekend was Chicago’s Taste of Chicago Festival. The festival was set to draw in a projected number of tourists and locals. The mayor’s office says that there was a record number of people that attended the festival. Surpassing the city’s expectations, tourists from the United States and other countries went, locals, kids to the elderly attended, and even local businesses such as ValueMags. It is the perfect outing for a small to medium sized business. The lengths employers will go to to find “bonding-type” activities for their employees is big but the city of Chicago makes it easy for them with by planning many summer festivals. There was an estimated 1-6 million people that attended the 5 day festival.

Only in 2012 did the festival extend to five days but it is a record since that year. The festival put Chicago restaurants and culinary ability on the international map this weekend, especially with all the press and tourists in. There was 66 restaurants and food trucks that displayed and served their food. As a result, there was over 200 menu items that were offered which drew in nearly $2 million in sales. In a variety of other ways, the festival was successful. Festival attendees gathered, participated in events and actives within the festival, emergency services were on-site and very responsive, and the city management and coordination was very effective as well.

For more information about successful and easy activities that your business can do between employees, contact ValueMags today for ideas. The magazine marketing company has a variety of activities always planned out for their employees which motivates them, contributing to company success.

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