Variety Of Metallic Wedding Bands Present In The Market

Variety Of Metallic Wedding Bands Present In The Market

The huge assortment of wedding bands present in jewelry stores might become a source of confusion while one is urgently trying to arrive at a decision. Plenty of choices can also become a source of the problem but if one has a fair idea about the type of wedding bands present in the market then it will definitely become easier to select one out of the present options. The well-known metals that have been cast for creating wedding bands obviously include platinum, gold, and silver. But nowadays a variety of other metals are also used for making wedding bands, some of these are enlisted below:

  • Titanium Bands: The metal titanium is extremely strong and will not get scratched. The durability of the metal is literally matchless and it can be jazzed by using inlays. The normal hue of titanium ranges from dark grey to silver. Titanium doesn’t irritate the skin at all and there is almost no need to take extra care for the titanium wedding band as it will never tarnish or develop a scratch.
  • Cobalt Bands: The malleability of cobalt has made it a favorite among jewelry makers. It can be cast into various shapes but still, it is very strong and long-lasting having no adverse effects on the skin. Maintenance is also not a problem because these wedding bands require no maintenance.
  • Tungsten Bands: The grayish white hue of this metal has an innate shine which is why wedding bands made from this extremely hard metal barely require polishing. Scratches won’t be formed on the surface of tungsten wedding bands and even though it is hard and lustrous yet the price is extremely reasonable.
  • Stainless Bands: The appearance of a stainless steel wedding band can be changed by applying particular polishing techniques. These rings are affordable, durable and scratch resistant.

There are plenty of choices as far as wedding bands are concerned and one can learn more at about specific types of wedding bands.

Maintaining the luster of the well-designed wedding band

After the ceremonial ritual of the wedding has been conducted then the wedding band becomes a piece of jewelry which will always remain on one’s finger. Therefore it is necessary to keep the band lustrous and beautiful. Caring for the wedding band depends upon the type of band that has been chosen. If one has a diamond studded in the wedding band then the prongs that are present for holding the diamond in place should be checked.

The ring can be wrapped in a tissue or kept in a separate box when it is not worn. One can also wipe the wedding band with a soft muslin fabric or tissue so that the oily dust is removed from the surface of the ring.

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