Vintage Room Ideas For Your Kids Bedroom

Furniture designed in vintage style has returned and it is now a cool trend in children’s room designs. Both old and new furniture pieces like bed frames, chairs, lamps, shelves, wall accessories, and artwork can be used to create a cool vintage feel in the room. Putting up retro designs in your kid’s rooms is a good way to connect the old generation with the present. It is also an efficient way to recycle old toys and other items that have been kept in storage. Here are some practical ways to create the retro feel in a boys’ room.

Add Vintage Framed Beds

The bed is the centre of attraction in any bedroom. Place a retro-style bed frame in the room to transform it into one that brings back old fond memories of your childhood. If you can’t get a strong and sturdy one from an antique shop or auction, you may buy an inexpensive bed frame that has been designed in a vintage style. Examples of vintage style beds include French style wrought iron beds and wooden beds made from cylindrical poles.

Turn Kid’s Story Books Into Attractive Decoration

Story books designed for kids usually have very colourful cover art. So instead of tucking them away on a shelf, create simple thin floating shelves and place these books there. To give a true retro feel, put up a set of May Gibbs, Enid Blyton or some Little Golden Books. You may also add more vintage flair by turning an old vintage brochure rack into a kid’s book shelf. Put up some great children’s comic and colourful cover designs in the brochure rack to create an inviting display.

Vintage Room Ideas For Your Kids Bedroom

Makeover Old Furniture

Repainting old pieces of furniture is a simple and effective way to add a cool vintage look to a boy’s room. You can turn a set of dull drawers into an attractive feature by painting it with two tones. For instance, you may use chocolate brown and cream or soft blue and white. Then you can paint a wooden chair with one of those colours and add a set of matching throw pillows with a complimentary bedspread. The tones you choose for the drawer, chair, or any other piece of furniture should harmonise with the colour scheme used for the walls and flooring.

Vintage Room Ideas For Your Kids Bedroom

Put up Attractive Vintage Wall Accessories

In addition to furniture designed in vintage style, you can use vintage wall accessories to create a cool retro feel. On a canvas board, place some sun-bleached or nicely faded fabrics with vintage flower patterns. Muted colours like blues, cream, greens and off-white will fit perfectly in a boys’ room. Old maps also give a vintage feel while serving as an educational tool to teach your children about geography and other important subjects. Boys can also be inspired with pictures of vintage aircraft, cars and sports gear.

These four ideas are very easy to implement either as a DIY project or by buying new vintage furniture from a store. Do you have other design ideas for creating a cool retro feel in your kids’ rooms? Please leave a comment and share them with other readers.

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