Visiting The Little Corners Of Delhi For The True Delhi Delight

Visiting The Little Corners Of Delhi For The True Delhi Delight

Delhi is one of the most fascinating cities of India. Apart from being the capital of the country, there are so many little pleasures that are hidden in the city corners that it is always a delight to explore the city from time to time. Well if you have never to Delhi before and you are going to do so any time soon, then you should take a tour of the city and visit some of the most famed places that this city has in store for you. Wondering what some of these places are? Here is a tour guide map for you to follow when in Delhi:

  1. HauzKhas Village: Head out to HauzKhas to visit one of the most beautiful places in the capital. This is a small village which had been initially built surrounding a water tank. Today the remains of the village which belongs to the Sultanate period has been transformed into a lovely place to shop, eat, and hang out with your friends. There are various interesting night clubs like social and eclectic shops like Chumbak here. It is a pleasure walking through the streets of HauzKhas, whether it may be in the morning or at night.
  2. KhariBaoli: This is one of the most interesting places in Old Delhi. KhariBaoli today refers to a street but once there was a beautiful step well here which is now empty. But that is not what KhariBaoli is famous for. It has the largest market of spices in the entire continent. Merchants come with various goodies from far and near and sell some of the best spices at cheap prices that you will ever get to lay your hands on. This promises to be really fascinating experience.
  3. Paharganj: Just take the metro from any one of the hotels in mahipalpur from the nearest metro station and get down at Paharganj. If you want to shop till you drop then this is the place for you. From earrings to rings to bathroom tiles to printing blocks, you name it and you will find that in Paharganj. There are so many beautiful options here and they are available at such great prices that you won’t be able to say no to the lovely goodies being sold out here!
  4. QutubMinar Complex: This is a must visit place on your Delhi tour. In one word this complex is mesmerising. The towering QutubMinar is quite a sight and leaves one in awe. What is more interesting is the iron pillar which had been galvanised and hence not rusted with the passage of time.
  5. ChandiChowk: When you visit Delhi, you cannot leave the city without a trip to the delightful ChandiChowk! This place has the quintessential old Delhi charm and there is no place better in the city when it comes to Mughali food. This is another must visit place during your Delhi tour.

There are many places to visit when in Delhi. Take a walk through the city streets and explore this place on your own!

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