Ways To Use Unused Home Accessories In Your House

If there’s ever a time to make your home look more modern, now is the time. Whether you want to buy the right vase to display dahlias and poppy pods; learn the quickest way to transform your boring bathroom into a sanctuary without doing any remodeling; or look for unusual kitchen accessories to make your kitchen unique, you need to look around your home. A lot of times, unused accessories (candlesticks, wine racks, oil paintings, etc.) can be useful again.

Some people go to the ends of the earth to find unusual accessories for their homes. Others find them right under their noses. But will you find yours in your home?

Keep in mind that your home accessories should represent your personality, not your ability to adhere to the rules of home decorating. For instance, if you want to use your old home accessories, it doesn’t matter if they are outdated. Here are some examples of some unused accessories you might find in your home:

A Wine Rack

Not many people will think that a wine rack can create a focal point in the bathroom, especially if the wine rack is up in the attic gathering dust. Many modern bathroom accessories can create great focal point, but to add a unique look to your bathroom, you can turn a wine rack into a towel holder, a toilet paper holder, or a shampoo holder.

Footed Bowls

Not all footed bowls look modern, but if you fill your footed bowls with colorful beads, with fake fruit, or with some other ornamental objects, it will stand out as an exceptional decorative piece.

The Oil Paintings

If you have one or two good oil-paintings up in the attic, think of how great it would look if you hang the paintings next to the fire place, or next to your family photographs. To make sure that the paintings stand out from other accessories in the room, reconsider painting your walls white. The color white will make your guests to focus more on the paintings, not on your other accessories—galleries are painted in white for this very same reason.

Bathroom Accessories

When decorating the bathroom, always take into consideration the preferences of the primary bathroom user. This will help you know the kinds of fittings or features to add. For instance, the items needed in an adult’s bathroom may be different from those you would fit in a child’s bathroom. For a individual with disability, you may have to invest in adaptation fixtures such as grab rails and non-skid surfaces when decorating a child’s bathroom to prevent the risk of injury.


Do you have a lot of candlesticks shoved in your kitchen drawer, or somewhere else? Don’t wait until Christmas or Thanksgiving to display them. These candlesticks may look boring to you, but they can make your home feel cozy. Don’t get caught up in the idea that your candlesticks have to match; a group of different candlesticks will make any room look better.

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