Wedding Hacks That Save Couples Money

Wedding Hacks That Save Couples Money

It is no surprise that tying the knot can be very expensive with the average wedding done in the vicinity of a midsize car. However, all hope is not lost if you understand the tips and tricks for saving money. You need to know some of the wedding hacks that save couples money when you planning a wedding on the budget.

Is your wedding fast approaching and don’t know how to plan ahead for it due to lack of fund? You are not alone because there are wedding hacks that can save you money. Something as little as providing your own music can save you a lot of money in the long run. With the sound system of your wedding venue, make a playlist on iTunes or Spotify and play music. It’s likely no one will notice where the music is coming from anyway.

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Have Your Wedding and Reception at the Same Place

If you consider a destination wedding–think of hosting it at an all-inclusive resort. This will cost people to travel to the resort, but you will save money because you won’t have to transfer from church/venue to reception.

Plus, if you want your wedding to be more low-key anyway, half of your guest lists are likely to not show up because of the traveling.

Choose a Friday or Sunday for Your Wedding

Saturday weddings are prime and always flamboyant! Think about having your wedding very early on a Friday or Sunday to save money and reduce costs on venues and vendors. Your wedding will still be full of fanfare with a choice of a Friday or Sunday wedding, giving you the opportunity to still host other commemorative activities that same weekend.

Purchase a Used Wedding Dress

Think about buying a pre-owned wedding dress or a floor sample gown to stay on budget. This will only cost you a fraction of the price of a new wedding dress.

Follow Vendors on Social Media for Price Reductions or Discounts

Every now and then, companies will offer special discounts or promotions to their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook fans! Make sure you follow these vendors to take advantage of this opportunity anytime they provide any deals.

Choose a Standing Wedding Ceremony

Deciding to choose a standing wedding ceremony where chairs will not be used will save some chairs for disabled and elderly guests and save you money on the rental. But if your guests and attendees will be standing, make sure your wedding is brief and entertaining.

Look for a Venue Flexible with Vendors

Consider a space or wedding venue that gives you room to make use of bakers, florists, and caterers outside their favored list. You will be locked into making use of vendors that may be out of your range if you opt for a location that needs you to use their partners.

Use Credit Cards to Buy Services and Obtain Rewards

Make sure you buy a card that provides airline miles or cash rewards. Then you can spend your perks on other wedding items or invest the bonuses on your honeymoon.

Buy Flowers and Invitations Online

Think about buying your flowers in bulk online if you are planning to buy the flowers by yourself. Doing so will help you reduce cost and increase the types of blooms available to you.

Request your florist to make use of a few beautiful flowers for your bouquet, and then complete it with cheap blooms. This will make each arrangement affordable.

You can even create your own invitations for your wedding. This seems really time-consuming–but if you’re more on the creative side this can be a fun activity for you.

Supply Your Own Alcoholic Drinks

You will probably save some huge money if you are allowed by the caterer to buy your alcoholic drinks for the reception. Your finances will remain intact by removing the vendor’s markup. But the issue is that you have to put invest additional time to buy and deliver the drinks to the venue of the wedding.

Buy Instead of Renting

You might consider buying instead of renting if you discover it is cheaper. Once you get estimates for items from the rental company for linens, table settings, and décor items, consider how cost-effective will it be to rent or buy the items. The interesting thing is that you can dispose of the items after the wedding to realize some bulks in return.

Consider a Buffet & a Signature Cocktail

You will save costs on waiters when guests serve themselves at the wedding reception. However, make sure everything is well organized and put a friend in charge to direct people to ensure orderliness.

Be creative and crafty with your mixed drinks to make sure you don’t spend excessively on liquor. Serve your attendees and guests wine and beer with a specialty drink.

Allow Your Baker to Make an Ersatz Cake

Tell your cake producer to make the top tier of your cake authentic for cutting. After that, prepare the remaining tiers from styrofoam and beautify it accordingly. Your cake will still be dazzling even as you will save some money — as well as having sheet cakes remaining for serving.

Make Wedding Signage As a Substitute for Printing Lots of Paper Items

Showcase your wedding program or menu on a canvas or in a frame as against printing one for every attendee. This is wholly cost-effective.

Overall, there are several ways you can save money while planning your wedding. Plan your wedding out and see where you can cut costs. You may discover other things to cut, or you might not have to cut as much as you initially thought. Keep these tips in mind and see what works for you.

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