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What Can Glass Partition Walls Do For Your Office?

Partitions are quite common in the offices these days. They are built to provide privacy to the people on either sides of the wall. Though offices are meant for official work, not everyone needs to know everything. Also, it is normal to have a personal meeting or take a personal call or even wanting to sit and relax on your own without having your colleagues peek on you or keep a prying eye. However, it is also true that wooden partitions don’t always look good and most of the times they do not match with the modern decor of offices. Glass partition doors or walls provide solutions to this dilemma.

Following are a few points explaining the advantages that glass partition walls provide and an explanation of why you should use them.

  • They help to maintain the visibility without hampering the privacy. Though not transparent, the fact that someone is standing or sitting next to the partition can be clearly made out with these walls. Thus, one does not feel completely cut off from their colleagues but can also enjoy the privilege of not letting the world know what they are up to.
  • Pin cushion partition walls make the workplace very untidy. They were meant to double up as spaces for pinning up your important documents, reminders and notices but that did not make anything look organized. If you want to eliminate the possibility of your office looking untidy, then glass partition walls are a good place to start.
  • Considering the point of tidiness, one needs to think how easy it is to clean a glass surface. Just spray some water or liquid soap and wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Voila! It shines once more!
  • Glass partition walls look modern and sophisticated. They add to the element of class at your workplace and enhance the look of your work place.
  • Glass is more durable than wood or pin cushion.
  • They allow light to pass, making the room appear bigger and brighter. This carries a lot of positivity with it, making the space seem happier. Glass partition walls create an illusion of a larger space, thus even if your office is small it will appear bigger.
  • The factor of light flow which these walls allow in turn reduces your electricity bills because then the workers need lesser electric light for working.
  • Partition walls with double glazed glass are functional in reducing noise. This is why many officials take the decision to surround their meeting rooms with glass walls. Thus, you will never have to worry about your employees finding out about what you are discussing at the board meeting.
  • You can get your office logo etched on or engraved on your glass partition walls. This will give it a more customized look. These walls provide a very contemporary look, creating a modern, pleasing space to work in.
  • Glass partition walls are elementary in creating green office spaces and that does not mean to only keep the electric bills low. The less you use wood and natural elements, the better. The more you use natural light, the better. The more you allow ventilation, the better.

Glass partition walls are thus a great balance between aesthetic appeal and scientific approach. ‘Safe’ glass panels are usually 10mm to 12mm in width and allow light to pass, yet prevent the spreading of noise and create a sense of privacy. Some workplaces add blinds on these partition walls while some hang curtains for additional privacy. The good thing is that there is a lot of choice when it comes to using the glass partition walls.

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